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Graduation Party Ideas

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Gather school pictures for each year of the graduation (as far back as you have pictures). You can either put them in order on poster board or banner paper for your guests to see OR you can create a game out of it by MIXING UP the order of the pictures and see who can put the pictures in the correct chronological order!

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Contact some school teachers (ones who had the most influence on the graduate over the years) and have them write short notes for the graduate. These can be fun to either read to the crowd at the party or can be given intimately to the graduate after the party.

Get your hands on some old report cards and share them with the party guests (good AND bad - hey, they graduated!) Sometime's, too, you can find some gem comments to read from the teachers (especially in the younger years) that could prove to be quite funny to share!

Create a Book of Life for the graduate. Provide an index card for each party guest to write a piece of advice that they'd like to share with the graduate before they 'go out into the big world.' Topics might include living on your own, getting a job, relationships, and life itself. These can prove to be not only touching, but invaluable to the graduate!

Old textbooks make great centerpieces! Check your local used book stores to find cheap ones.

Have a fake Christmas tree in the garage? Drag it out and create a Memory Tree. Have different die-cuts available for the guests to write fond memories of the graduate. Have ornament hangers available for the guests to put their 'memory ornaments' on the tree. These are great for the other guests to read - and the graduate gets to keep them at the end of the party!

Textbooks make for great table centerpieces. If your grad no longer has their books, ask around to friends or neighbors if you can borrow books from those still taking classes.

When decorating, the traditional colors of black and gold can be nice…but sometimes you want a little more color. If you are opting to break away from the black and gold, consider decorating in the graduate’s school colors.

Collect as many yearbooks as you can find (going back as many years as you can) and display them on a table for your guests to look at. Lay them out in chronological order and, whenever possible, ahead of time bookmark the pages that one can see pictures of the graduate.

Consider writing the invitation party information on parchment paper and rolling them up like scrolls. Tie them off with red ribbon and they’ll look just like diplomas!

If you’ve collected school pictures from all of the years of the graduate, make a photocopy of each year. Allow your guests to try and put the pictures in chronological order. It’s best to photocopy the image because sometimes the colors on the pages will give away too many clues.

Ahead of time ask the graduate different questions about their experience in school. The juicier the story, the better. Create a trivia questions based on these stories. For a game, ask your party guests the questions and see who can answer the most correctly. With these types of questions, it’s often best to provide the guests will several different answers to choose from for each question, though you may choose not to. This can also be done in a TRUE/FALSE format.

Create a Book of Life Advice for the graduate. Provide your party guests with index cards on which they each can write ONE specific piece of advice that they feel will help the graduate as they undertake this new chapter in their life. At the conclusion to the party, collect the cards at which time you can either hand them to the graduate or create a memory book for them with each piece of advice on a different page.






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