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GREASE Party Ideas
(The following ideas are excerpts from The Ultimate 50s Themed Event)

50s Treasure Hunt
50s Treasure Hunt

50's Theme Party Ideas
50s Theme Party Ideas

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Depending on the guest list, divide the party into large groups. Give the assignment for each team to lip-sync one song from the movie GREASE. You'll need to have prepared several copies of the soundtrack (get a friend to burn the CDs) ahead of time as well as gather all the CD players you can - enough for each group to have a CD and something to play it on. Allow each group 15 minutes to pull it together (although, depending on your group, you can decide exactly how long to give them.) Just remember, it is going to take some time to watch them all! Give awards for originality and creativity among other categories. If only two groups, then just allow each group to see each other's skit. You can either let them choose any song from the movie or let them draw it from a hat (showing them in the order of the movie.) You could also assign the songs to different groups if you feel this would go over easier (although, when it comes to getting a song they don't want to do, it's much easier to swallow when you've drawn it from a hat than when the host/hostess of the decided it for you…) You could also divide the guests into men and women, giving the women Sandra Dee and the men Grease Lightening. For REAL daring guests, switch that and allow the guests to play opposites!

Visit your local thrift store and pick up as many cheap records as you can get your hands on, no matter what the label. These look fantastic hanging about as decoration. The hole in the middle makes them easy to hang or attach to walls. For added fun, you can glue your own record labels on each (including either real bands from the 50s or you can create your own using the names of some of your guests.) These records can also be handmade using poster board. However, the real albums from the thrift stores look MUCH better (and are quicker and easier.

For easy 45" records, take all those AOL and MSN CD's you get in the mail and spray paint them black. These already have a hole in the middle! You can then make your own labels to glue on the center. You can either make up your own song titles or use popular ones from the decade. You could also write words about the guest of honor or can utilize many of the guests' names.

For really fun centerpieces, make ice cream sundaes that don't melt!!! With an ice cream scoop, dish out some 'vanilla' scoops of 'ice cream' from a big tub of mashed potatoes (if you look closely at restaurant photos of their ice cream, they often use mashed potatoes because of their likeness and ability to hold up under heat.) With some chocolate syrup, shaving cream (for whipped cream), nuts and a cherry, you'll have an AMAZING sundae that will not melt! These are great for outdoors as well as indoors. The weight of the mashed potatoes (as well as that of the glass dish it is sitting in) will even weight down a bouquet of helium balloons.

From two large (VERY square) boxes, make a couple of fuzzy dice. You can either simply spray paint them pink and glue on the dotes (cut from construction paper) or paint them on (though the latter takes more time because you'll have to wait until the sides dry before you can rotate the dice to paint the bottom side.) These are GREAT hanging overhead at the entrance to the party. They also make great piñatas.

The movie poster for GREASE makes a great front cover for your invitations, especially if you plan on using the GREASE theme throughout. The graphic for it can be found by visiting a couple movie poster websites and 'nabbing' the image by either right click/cutting and pasting or by right clicking/Save Picture As.

If you really want to go all out with the high school theme or GREASE, try some of these:

a. Have a school picture section (like they do at the beginning of the school year)
b. Give everyone class schedules
c. Get some photos of some of the parents (if a children's party) and put them on a single page for teachers of the school.
d. Ask those who would be willing (adults) to bring in some of their high school pictures from the 50s and 60s - these are a hoot and look great on a big sheet of poster board. Your guests will have a great time matching the photos to the people in the room.
e. Hang a big sign saying CAFETERIA over the food area.
f. Hang a big sign saying that there is going to be a big pep rally right after school (you can even make pep rally posters like "Crush the Bears!")
g. If you have arranged seating, set each table up like different classes (i.e. Home Ec, Woodshop, English, Pre-Algebra, etc.)


Lay out all of the Bingo cards on a large table (or series of tables with a clear circular path) and position all players around the table(s) such that each player is in front of one card. When it's time to play, start playing some great 1950's music and allow your guests to walk in a continuous circle around the table(s). When the music stops, every player stops in front of the Bingo card they're closest to. Call out a space the way you normally would in a Bingo game. Then start the music again and have your guests walk (or dance) around the circle again. Once again, when the music stops, each player must stand next to the nearest Bingo card waiting for the next space to be called. It's not enough to get BINGO in this must be standing in front of the winning card when it wins!!!



1950's Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

Charlie Parker Quintet 1953 Reproduction Concert Poster
Little Richard Reproduction Concert Poster
Miles Davis Quintet 1957 Reproduction Concert Poster
Chet Baker 1955 Reproduction Concert Poster
Marilyn Monroe Photo by Philippe Halsman Poster