Greek/Ancient Greece Party Ideas and Resources

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Greek/Ancient Greece Party Party Ideas

Visit your local library and photocopy old maps (found in their reference section.) Black and white copies can then be taken to your local print shop/copy center to have blown up to any size you want (3' x 4' feet.) When they are blown up that large, they get very 'grainy,' which a great affect for antique maps. These can then be either hung on the walls, or rolled up and placed around the party/event.

Set up a creative Ancient Greece themed scavenger hunt activity. Either create your own or download one off the Internet (CLICK HERE)

Name your location. Invite your guests to the Acropolis or the Parthenon, etc. By naming it and referring to that name you'll create a definite place and time for your guests. It's amazing the credibility that is given when it is given a name.

Have some live characters roaming around, mingling with the guests. How about a travel guide pitching his/her newest tour all over the ruins of Ancient Greece? Or how about a local villager peddling her wares? These characters do not need to be present for long periods of time. In fact, it is best if they are not. Let them come…and then go. Your guests will be incredibly impressed.

For great temple columns, call around to a couple local construction companies and ask where they purchase sono tubes. These can be bought in a variety of widths and sizes and are very sturdy.

These look REALLY great…but you'll need someone who has a very simple computer graphics program and the basic knowledge to use it. Download some nice photos from the Internet of ancient Greece (you should be overwhelmed by the selection you find on the Internet) and load them into the graphics program. You can do this by 'right clicking' with your mouse on any picture you like, then selecting 'Save As' among the options. Save these to a disk or your hard drive. Across the top (or in any other place, depending on how creative you want to get with it…) put the words of the location (i.e. The Parthenon, The Acropolis, etc.) Then, in one of the corners put a large number…essentially, you are making a large stamp. Once you have the image the way you want it, print it out and decorate cut the edges all around in the fashion of a large stamp (fiskar scissors do a great job.) These look great just about anywhere. HINT: These can be done in assembly-line fashion and can be cranked out relatively fast once you get into the 'groove' of it.

If you want to paint with a faux rock/stone finish (without spending an arm and a leg on those craft store kits) buy a few cans of spray paint instead. This is especially nice if you are planning on creating some old ruins as part of your decorations. Gray, black and white should do the trick. With a hobby razor blade, lightly score the nozzle hole of the spray can. This will cause the paint to sputter rather than spray. Make sure the surface is covered first in the gray, then add some sputtering of the white and black.

Name your location. Invite your guests to the Acropolis or the Parthenon, etc. By naming it and referring to that name you’ll create a definite place and time for your guests. It’s amazing the credibility that is given when it is given a name.

Create a small cave entrance using cardboard boxes and crumpled brown postal paper in the corner of the room. It doesn’t have to large, just look like a dark cave. Put up a sign next to it pointing into cave saying “This way to Hades and the Underworld” If you are able to, put a small green light illuminating from within the cave. It’s a very simple decoration, but one that will look great and will CAPTIVATE the attention of younger guests to the party.

For a more Greek ruins look, consider take a few large boxes and painting them white like giant marble stone blocks. For an added touch, paint in a few cracks or even a marbling painting technique (check online for some very simple and effective solutions for creating a marble look using paint.) This are great to stack to place leaning on each other in a variety of ‘ruins’ type ways. Experiment with their placement so that they look natural. These also look great in the grass/lawn! It will really feel like the greenery has grown up around it like real ruins.

For a Greek marketplace feel/look, try visiting your local fabric store and see what types of fabric patterns they offer. These look great hanging about over drapes and other larger structures in a ‘marketplace’ fashion. This is a good time to use your Joann’s 40% a single item that those get who are on their coupon mailing list (a single cut of fabric constitutes one item.)

Play Greek Themed Bingo! The great part about this game is that it's VERSATILE!!! Give everyone a board at the beginning and then call out squares throughout the party. It will keep the activities moving. This is especially great to have on hand in the event that there is an unexpected downtime...just call out some extra squares! Click below for an Greek themed Bingo set to download:


Visit your local thrift store and see what they have in the way of old looking brass bowls and goblets. I always find treasure each time I go! These are great to be used all throughout your party space, once they are filled with grapes! These especially look nice as part of a table centerpiece setting.

Although togas are definitely more Roman, you can still encourage your guests to come dressed in togas. You can even have them come as a different Greek god (the togas will work better with this.)

Have your invitations sent from Zeus himself. Explain that there is going to be a meeting with all the other gods and heroes for a celebration. Explain that the celebration will be held on Mt. Olympus (with directions leading to your party location.) All of the information can be printed on standard parchment paper and rolled up, tied with a black ribbon.

For a very simple cake design, consider baking a standard 9 x 13 cake and decorating it like the national flag of Greece. The flag is a simple design with few colors to make for frosting.

For finger foods, offer your guests different kinds of grapes, figs and olives. These are great for your guests to munch on all throughout your party with minimal amount of fuss on your part.

For a lighter side to eating, allowing your guests to help contribute to the food, have each guest bring a different component to making a traditional Greek salad (i.e. Feta cheese, greens, etc.)

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