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Green Lantern Party Ideas
(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Super Hero Themed Event)

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Hang a large map of the world showing "where there's trouble." Usually these are in the lairs for the superheroes to see where they are needed.

Do you have a friend who is a police officer or security guard? See if you can have one or more come in with their uniform shirt and badge. They can teach children about safety and leadership - a hero should be aware of these things. You could also have him or her send your guests out on their mission. If they can stay for the entire party, you could have him or her lead your guests through the Super Hero Training Course.

If there's been a crime, a fun decoration is to use the yellow DO NOT CROSS tape that can be found at most large hardware stores. This can also work for streamers in a villain's lair!

Do you have an old VHS tape that won't play? Using a small screwdriver, remove the casing screws on the tape and you can remove the film. You can do a lot with the tape: use it as ribbon (for gift wrapping, bows, cutlery ties), party streamers, even as part of a centerpiece (unravel several feet and heap it into a pile.) You can keep the tape on the roll and use it as a prop - perhaps it's microfilm with the villain's plans on it and the superheroes have to deliver it to Police Headquarters. If you don't have any VHS tapes, you can find them at thrift stores or libraries for one or two dollars.

Find a local comic book store and pick up some of the 25 ¢ or 50¢ comic books. There is usually a big variety of superheroes available - you'll typically be able to find what you're looking for. They would be good to lie out on tables for decoration, give them away as prizes (or let the winners choose one off the table), put them in goody bags. Be sure to look through them before you buy them, to ensure the comic is age appropriate for your party and/or guest of honor. You may need to pull out some inappropriate advertisements, or just skip and getting a book altogether.

If you have old CD's or can get some free or cheap discs at the market, you can use a permanent marker and print the party information directly on the discs. Or you can purchase disc labels at your local office supply store. You can mail the discs directly to your guests and the discs don't have to be in a case, because there is no computer information on the disc to protect


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