Handy Manny Theme Party Supplies

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Handy Manny Party Ideas

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Provide hats for your guests - white and red like Manny… or you can get simple yellow construction hats.

Use orange construction paper to make construction cones. You can roll the paper, staple or tape it and then trim the bottom to be straight so it will sit properly on the table.

Primary colors are great for your Handy Manny party. Yellow tape used for construction sites would be a fun kind of streamer - you can find it at home repair stores. Sometimes they say "danger" or "keep out"… or just use yellow balloons.

Handy Manny fixes things, so your guests can have a fix-it time. Find some large appliance or moving boxes. Set them up as a workbench for small tools and repair work. Or, attach some pipe cleaners, old knobs, pieces of wire or old telephone cords… punch holes in the box and have your kids "fix" the box or build something new.

Give away gifts for your Handy Manny party can include small tool belt items - many small items you can find at a dollar store. Tape measure, chalk, plastic hammer, toy wrench or screwdriver, a flashlight, a ruler, a notepad to take measurements. You can put them in a toy tool-box, or small craft bucket, simple brown boxes or bags, or even make a tool belt! A few yards of wide ribbon or strap material can be the belt. Fasten with heavy duty velcro on the ends. Stitch smaller loops of ribbon or string on the belt that can hold the tools you've provided.

Play Handy Manny party games like building the tallest tower out of blocks or cards. Adapt old favorite games and play "pin the hat on Manny" or hammer-hammer-saw instead of duck-duck-goose.

Serve a Handy Manny lunch in brown paper bags. Sandwiches, raisins or apples, baby carrots - any kind of lunch-time food is appropriate. Juice boxes or water bottles can be in the bags, too.

Print out image of Handy Manny and his pals Turner, Squeeze, Pat and Rusty, Felipe, Stretch, and Dusty. Hang them in the party area - or better yet, hide them around the party and have everyone look for them. Once you find them, hang them on the wall or in the cake area to celebrate!

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