Happy Bunny Theme Party Supplies

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Happy Bunny Party Ideas

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A Happy Bunny party theme is all about attitude - because the bunny doesn't like anyone. Decorate in bright colors - streamers, balloons, table cloths… you can get actual Happy Bunny supplies to supplement the basic color scheme as well.

Print out images of the bunnies, and hang them around the area for additional fun. If you have extra Happy Bunny napkins or plates, you can hang them on the wall as well. They have funny sayings that can add to the spark of your party.

Have your guests come up with their own Happy Bunny sayings… give everyone a "blank bunny" on a piece of paper or cup. Give them a marker or pen to write their saying under the bunny. You can have fun going over the sayings, or vote on the best ones.

Happy Bunny cake - make a basic sheet cake. Copy a Happy Bunny image onto the cake with icing and write a cute birthday saying, like, "Happy Birthday to me."










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