Happy Feet Theme Party Supplies

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Happy Feet Party Ideas

Disney scavenger hunts

Using craft foam core board found at your local craft store, cut out large shapes of 'floating icebergs' on which you can set your plates. They make GREAT looking placemats and will make it fun for the kids to be eating off them!

To create a cool, chilled feeling/look without having to dramatically turn down your thermostat, consider putting some blue cellophane on one of your lamps. It's amazing how the light blue tint will create an 'arctic' feel! This will also work with a light blue light bulb…although depending on the wattage, these can sometimes be too powerful.

In honor of the penguins in the movie, instruct that all of your party guests come dressed in only black and white!

Visit your local library and check out as many book as you can on the arctic circle or penguins. When propped up they make for GREAT looking centerpieces and table top decorations!










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