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Wizard Theme Party Ideas for a Harry Potter Theme Party
(The following are exerpts from The Ultimate Wizard Theme Party
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A really neat trick for creating a small amount of potion is to use the liquid from glow sticks. These can be purchased rather cheaply at your local dollar store. CAREFULLY break open the container and pour the liquid into a small, clear (emptied and cleaned out) spice container. The fact that they come in a wide range of colors and the fact that they glow in the dark make it open for numerous possibilities (green = essence of troll, red = vampire blood, blue = dragon's tears, etc.)

Antiquing paper by baking technique. Although it can be time consuming, the result is well worth the time spent. Once I have the image copied onto the standard stock white copy paper (the cheaper the paper, the better), I give it a crispy, burnt feel by treating it in the following way. Preheat a standard kitchen oven to BROIL. Please do not confuse this with the BROILER of a gas oven. Place an old, flat cookie sheet on the top rack of the oven. With any can of cheap aerosol laundry spray starch, spray a single piece of paper and quickly lay it flat on the hot cookie sheet you have in the hot oven. Keep a close eye on the paper as the oven does its work. Initially, the paper will probably begin to curl and then finally flatten again. As it flattens, keep your eye on it. The brown discoloring can happen rather quickly. Once the paper is the desired color, remove the paper from the cookie sheet with an oven mitt and repeat the previous steps until you have aged all your paper. The process gives the paper a stiffer effect, like paper that was once soaked in water and then left out in the sun to dry.

Visit your local stationery store and check out their selections of wax and wax envelope sealers. These look AMAZING (once you've practiced a little with them first) on so many different things - party invitations, thank you cards, old wizard documents, etc. They come in a wide variety of colors for the wax and images for the seals (including letters of the alphabet and images.) When practicing, keep in mind that you typically need to let the wax cool for a couple of seconds BEFORE you press the seal into it (otherwise the hot wax can adhere to the seal.)

A neat little trick (that works especially well with kids) is to serve a clear drink (i.e. Sprite, 7-up, sparkling water, etc.) with koolaid ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt, their flavor mixes with the drink. Serve the ice cubes separate from the drink and drop them in the glass just before serving (for best results). This is extra fun as the kids get to mix their own 'potions' before they drink them!

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