Hello Kitty Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Hello Kitty party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

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Hello Kitty loves pink, turquoise and green. Hang as much pink as you can handle and accent with the turquoise and green. Hello Kitty also loves hearts, flowers and bows. You can cut these out from construction paper and hang them around the party area as well. The official Hello Kitty site from Sanrio has a lot of coloring pages you can print and hang.

Play pin the bow on Hello Kitty! Draw or print out Hello Kitty on a piece of poster board and hang on the wall. Each guest gets a red bow and tries to get closest to the right spot. Any traditional games will work for your Hello Kitty party. You can have a game of Meow-meow-bark and play like duck-duck-goose. Play toss the yarn ball (like hot potato), or Kitty says.

Serve pink punch for your Hello Kitty party. Or, even better, use clear soda and freeze some pink punch or lemonade in ice cubes before the party. The pink ice will sparkle nicely in the clear drink.

Hello Kitty party food can be pink - with pink yogurt or sherbet. You can make a pink cake by adding a touch of red food coloring to a white cake mix. Pink sugar cookies with coconut flakes on top would match the Kitty theme, too. Try making sandwiches and cutting them into flower shapes with a large cookie cutter.

Birthday cake can be a white Hello Kitty face - or a red bow. Or a pink purse. If you bake a rectangle cake, you can print out almost any image you like and trace it over the cake to cut out the shape from the cake. Or just frost the cake and use colored icing to paint the picture you like on the cake.

Play a matching game with Hello Kitty party flowers and bows. Draw or print out simple pictures of bows and flowers. Have two of each image - maybe a total of 6 images for a small game. Cut them out and glue them to squares of construction paper or cardstock to make a "deck" of matching cards. Lay the cards on the table face down and play a matching game. You could even print out coloring book style pictures and glue them to paper before the party. Have the girls color their own cards and take them home as party gifts. Make sure to have DIFFERENT shapes for the six items, in case they color everything differently. If your guests are old enough, they'll understand to color matching sets.

Jewelry or purses are great Hello Kitty activities. You can buy small baskets, purses or plastic jewelry at dollor stores or craft stores. Get some stickers, glitter glue and other decorative items and have the girls spend time decorating their purses. If you get plastic lanyard and beads, they can make a matching bracelet or necklace to go with their purse!

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