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The Hobbit Theme Party Ideas

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Visit your local library and pick up as many copies of The Hobbit as you can. You may need to reserve the books ahead of time (many library systems have interlibrary loans worked out where they will bring in books from other branches.) These make for GREAT table centerpieces, especially when they are propped up so that one can see the open pages and pictures within.

Create dragon eggs as part of your decorations! Take a standard large party balloon and blow it up just before it begins to get the ‘nose’ on the end. It should be a perfect egg shape. Using the rubber mouth of the balloon to hold it, cover the balloon with several layers of colored tissue paper and liquid starch in a paper mache fashion. Cut off the nose and you’ll have an amazing looking dragon egg! For more fun, consider ‘popping’ the balloon inside and removing the rubber through a small hole. You can now insert secret messages and the like to be used in a myriad of ways for your party (they could be thank you’s for your guests for coming to your party and passed out at the end, they could hold clues for a treasure hunt, they could have instructions for the next activity (allowing the guests to choose which egg to ‘crack open’ next, etc.))

For fun game prizes or great parting gifts, consider visiting your local book store and providing copies of the Hobbit to give to each party guest.

If your party involves swimming (i.e. a summer pool party) let them re-enact a part of the story where they find the ring in the water. Have one person swim from one end of the pool to the other underwater, releasing a metal ring at some point along the way. Once they are out of the pool, the other party guests will have to try and swim around the pool looking for the ring. With all of the splashing that will ensure, it is more difficult than it first seems!

From several different font websites you can download the Elvish font from the movie(s). This can be used in any number of different ways. It can used as part of your invitations or as part of an activity that you have planned by having messages written in Elvish and having your guests translate the messages using a decoder that you provide. You could even take this activity a step further by providing the translating sheets to your guests and allow them to write secret messages to each other. As a helpful hint, if you want to write a secret message, write in a regular font first, then just change the font in WORD and you’ll have the message encoded!

If you have access to a forested area (or your backyard has a lot of trees) gather a bunch of walking sticks. These are great to pass out to each guest as they enter your party. You can either choose one for them or allow them to choose from the ones you’ve gathered. You can also turn this into an activity for younger guests by allowing them to draw on their walking sticks with markers.

When guests enter your party, consider playing music from the Lord of the Rings movies or The Hobbit ( if you can get your hands on it.) Although the music would be great to play throughout the party to help keep the theme alive, it’s definitely not necessary. Just having the music playing at the entrance while your guests arrive is enough to make a great impression.


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