Horton Hears A Who Theme Party Supplies

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Horton Hears A Who Party Ideas

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Horton lives in a jungle, so your party area can be green and brown. Make a "tree" by hanging brown streamers or packaging paper from the ceiling. Hang green balloons or streamers for the leaves and vines.

Play a hide and seek games at your Horton party. You can print a picture of Horton and hide him somewhere in the party area. The guests have to find him before they can play any other games.

Have a relay race to protect the speck! Find pink pom-pom balls and use white spoons. Divide the kids into two teams. Each runner must run with the pom-pom on the spoon through an obstacle course, or around a point and back to the line. Pass the spoon to the next person to continue the race. First team to finish wins.

Make Horton ears for your guests. Before the party cut out gray strips of construction paper for the headband. You'll probably want to tape two strips together for enough length to get around a child's head. Cut out two ears per guest as well - and be sure to include a tab - a basic ear shape you can find online in various places, or just hand-draw it. As your guests arrive, wrap their head with the strip of gray paper and tape it to the correct length. Then you can tape the ears in the proper place so it looks "right" on him or her.

Food at your Horton Party can be anything your birthday child likes - but try giving it a Horton or Who-type name. Horton nuggets or Nool Grool…maybe you can find some fun names in the books. Try making clover shaped biscuits or cookies. Or cut some sandwiches with a clover shaped cookie cutter.

Freeze some pink lemonade in ice cubes and drop them in a clear soda or punch for a fun pink clover drink.

Check out Horton books at the library if you don't have any and put them around the party area. You can read them during the party, but they'll be good decoration as well




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