Hula Theme Party

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Hula Party Ideas

Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Ideas

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Fishbowl centerpieces. Your Hula party will feel more exotic with live fish on each table! Dollar stores often have small bowls, and pet stores sell small goldfish very cheaply. Make sure you buy extra fish in case some die. These are also great parting gifts. (if your guests are children, you may want to check with parents first).

Use grass skirts for table skirts! Beach towels can be great table cloths. Check for fish-themed shower curtains at a dollar store and use that as a table cloth - get creative with your Hula Party decorations.

Make Hula party tiki poles! Cut Hawaiian faces from construction paper (cardboard, poster board foam core board are other options). Simply stack the paper masks on top of each other (taping them together from the back) and tape them to the wall or hang them from the ceiling. You could also turn this into a child's activity. Have each child to create a single mask, then connect the masks together to make a totem pole. For smaller children you might consider drawing a large mask first (in coloring book format) then they can color the masks. This is a great arrival activity for guests while they are waiting for everyone to get to the party. Look for books and images online or ask your librarian for books on Pacific Island or Hawaiian art.

Play ring toss with pink flamingos! If you have some around, they make good ring toss targets. Or you can play "pin the face on the mask" with tiki masks. Your Hula party can use traditional games with an island flair.

Draw giant surfboards from large sheets of cardboard or butcher paper. These are quick and easy and can be hung up on any wall. An activity for the kids might be to decorate them before you hang them up.

Have tropical drinks - you can change ice cubes, put fruit in the punch bowl, or just serve blue colored punch! Your Hula party will have an extra punch if you consider freezing different shaped cubes, or even putting candy shells or fish in the ice cubes as they freeze. White jawbreakers also make great 'pearls.'

Make a Hula island cake! A bundt cake pan can make a neat shape. Use a chocolate cake and ice the top part of the cake with green frosting... put a few plastic trees on the top and you have an island! If you can't find toy trees - check with a local pet shop and check prices on aquarium plants.




Tropical Posters! - Great party decorations!
Posters make great parting gifts for your guests and prizes for your games - they can take them right off the walls!