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iCarly Party Ideas


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Much of the iCarly show takes place at school…specifically in the hallways where all of the students congregate around their lockers. Using butcher paper, why not decorate your party area with a wall full of lockers! Use a tape measure and black marker to draw straight lines across the paper. Number each locker and don’t forget to put the vents on them. As an added activity, you can assign one locker to each party guest and allow them to decorate the outside of their locker in any way that they’d like. These can also easily be cut out at the end of the party to allow each guest to take their locker design home!

Sam, Carly’s best friend, is ALWAYS eating and seems to never not be hungry. In this spirit, have an eating contest! As having the goal of eating the most often leads to sick stomachs, instead go for who can finish a certain food the fastest! Time it in seconds and to determine the winner, instruct the participants that they must open their mouths when they are done showing that really did swallow all of the food. For ADDED fun, as the food choose saltine crackers – as it’s VERY difficult to eat a lot of them as it dries out the mouth…just try eating five really fast and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

From numerous sources online, you can download free mini-scripts of iCarly episodes. For those guests who would enjoy it, pass out snippits from the show and allow your guests to act out different scenes or episodes. If you are handy with a video camera, you can film them and provide copies of the performances to the guests after the party is over (once you’ve had an opportunity to make the copies.)

Depending on the size of your guest list, divide the part guests into pairs and have them come up with their own segment on the iCarly show (for those that don’t watch the show, the two girls have a podcast show that their air online that filled with micro-segments and crazy stunts.) Allow each pair/group to come up with their own segment piece and allow them to rehearse a little. Then, allow each pair/group to perform their segment for everyone. For those that are video savvy, you might consider videotaping the segments and linking them together in a true iCarly style – what great gifts they would make for your party guests!!!

Spencer, Carly’s older brother, is an artist who is always inventing things. There are several ways of incorporating this character into your party by either allowing your guests to complete their own art piece OR by providing a lot of craft items (egg cartons, markers, pipe cleaners, etc.) and allow each party guest to construct their own wild and crazy invention. Be sure to set a time limit on this one as it can easily go way long for those engineering types who get mega-focused. Provide prizes for the most creative, the most practical, the craziest, etc.

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