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(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Ancient Egypt Themed Event)

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Gold coffin (or gold walls, if needed.) Spray paint the box structure with a standard HIGH GLOSS finish gold spray paint (not matte finish.) Using some art history books as guides, draw cartouche images on the sides using a fine tipped, black permanent marker. Now, the marker will not be dark enough atop the gold spray paint…you'll need to go back over it with some black acrylic paint. Some color was used by the Egyptians, notably white, turquoise and an earthy brick red. Reflect these colors in touch up details on the sides of the coffins.

Weather permitting, tiki torches are a great way to set the mood in an outdoor setting. Even if your event is to be held entirely indoors, a few lit torches on the outside entrance look fantastic - especially at dusk. These can be usually purchased at Wal-Mart or most garden centers.

Visit your local library and photocopy old maps (found in their reference section.) Black and white copies can then be taken to your local print shop/copy center to have blown up to any size you want (3' x 4' feet.) When they are blown up that large, they get very 'grainy,' which a great affect for antique maps. These can then be either hung on the walls, or rolled up and placed around the party/event. If you are particularly clever, you can incorporate one or more of these in a treasure hunt (see TREASURE HUNT section.)

Use lots of candles for lighting. If you are short on candlesticks, melt some wax on scrap pieces of wood and adhere small votive candles to it. These look great when lined up in a line about three inches from each other.

Give small printed cards to the guests on how to translate some of the hieroglyphs during their experience. Such writing can either be made up or easily researched on the Internet to get a few words for fun. Draw the images on dark butcher paper and hang these around the party/event. Additionally, you'll be able to utilize language to instill fun and 'fear' by creating curses and warnings as to what the guests are about to encounter.

For great temple columns, call around to a couple local construction companies and ask where they purchase sono tubes. These can be bought in a variety of widths and sizes and are very sturdy.










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Egyptian Palm Style 2- Antiqued Paper - Great for Party Invitations!

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