John Deere Theme Party Supplies

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John Deere Party Ideas

Decorate your John Deere party in green and yellow. If you have toy trucks and tractors, hang those, or put them on the table for decoration and play while you're waiting for guests to arrive. Get some straw or hay - if you cannot get bales of hay, try using raffia for a straw-like feel around the table top. Stuffed animals around the area can add to the farmyard feel.

Dress up for a day of hard work at your John Deere theme party. Ask everyone to wear blue jeans or overalls. Give everyone a baseball cap and some work gloves. You can find work gloves at dollar stores. Red bandanas wrapped around the neck will add to the feel as well.

Send your John Deere invitations in a red bandana, with the card wrapped up inside. Maybe with a few strands of raffia or straw in there. You can send a tractor shaped invitation -print a tractor picture from the web to use as a stencil and cut out of green construction paper or cardstock.

Have a barnyard theme food buffet at your John Deere party. Chicken fingers, pigs in a blanket (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls), deviled eggs, haystacks - pretzel and potato sticks mixed together. Make green punch for a special treat. Or make Cowshake surprises - blend together softened vanilla ice cream and chocolate sandwich cookies. Or add some green and yellow food coloring to separate bowls of vanilla ice cream. Cut out sandwiches in the shape of animals, if you have animal cookie cutters.

Make a tractor cake for the John Deere party with a tractor cake pan, or you can build one with a few loaf pan -cakes. Put chocolate sandwich cookies on the sides for the tractor tires.

Play farmyard games at your John Deere party. Pin the tire on the tractor. Find the eggs - hide plastic eggs with treats or notes inside them around the party area before the guests arrive. Farmer says - and let the actions be farm related, like "pulling weeds", "milking the cow", "chasing a chicken", "quack like a duck".






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