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Justin Bieber Party Ideas

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Play "How Well Do You Know What Justin Beiber Looks Like?" The rules are simple and a LOT of fun…especially for those that claim they are huge Justin fans. To prep the game, you must first print out BLACK AND WHITE copies of Justin's head (full sheet of paper if possible.) Additionally, you'll need to print out pictures of other people's faces as well. Cut out different facial features on the different Justin faces (cutting the eyes out from one, the mouth from another, etc.) Make sure that you do not select more than one feature from the same image. Once you have the cut outs of his facial features, do the same with the other faces you've printed. On separate sheets of paper, glue the different like features to different sheets (i.e. all the eyes on the same sheet, etc.) The game will be to see who can pick out Justin's eyes from a sample of other eyes. Will they be able to pick which nose is his? For added fun, try to get a hold of images of some of your guests (or people that your guests would know) to be your 'other' face parts!

Take his name and do the worksheet thing (how many words can you come up with)

Set up a game where each guest must write down not just how many songs that they can name that he's performed (1 point each) but ALSO being able to put them in the order in which they were released (another 2 points for each correctly ordered song!)

Get your hands on a few of his CD's to have ready to play for some "Lightning Round Lipsyncing." Begin by preselecting the order in which the participants will attempt to lip sync their song. The winner is determined by how well each performs their song (or portion of song). To facilitate the actual game, it can be done in one of two different ways
........Begin with one of his more popular songs. All the participants must begin seated on the floor. Begin playing the song while the first person lip syncs as best they can UNTIL you call out next…at which time the participant will sit while the next one in line stands to continue the song. This can be extra fun to watch as you call out NEXT quicker and quicker as the song progresses.
........Another version to have several songs handy on a CD. Randomly choose a song for the first participant to lip sync. They MUST try to lip sync the words (even if they have never heard the song before) for 30 seconds, at which time you switch songs to a different random song on the CD where the next participant will try their hand. Not allowing the participants to choose the songs allows for more fun as each tries to 'fake' like they know the words! Award extra points for courage and being energetic!

Visit your local thrift store (garage sales will also work) and pick up as many 'Barbie' dolls as you can (Ken dolls are preferable, but you might not be able to find enough for each guest to have one.) Have a contest where each participant has 10 minutes to cut the hair in the iconic Justin do! Offer them hair products to use as well so that they can style it. Offer awards to the one that looks most like Justin!

Purchase multiple copies of a popular teen magazine featuring Justin. Divide your participants into teams, each team having one copy of the magazine (no team should have more than three participants.) Individuals playing can work very well, but it can be pricy to purchase enough copies for each to have one. Ahead of time, peruse the magazine and write down different small images that you see - perhaps someone eating an apple, a map of the country, etc. The game is played by calling out these items allowing the teams to frantically search through the magazine for the items that you call out. At first, they will be flipping pages blindly. However, once you've called out a few they'll begin to familiarize themselves with the images on the pages making the game go quicker. Be sure that each team CLOSES their magazines before you call out the next item. Allow the guests to take home the magazines as parting gifts.

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