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Kim Possible Party Ideas
(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Spy Themed Event)

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Spy Theme Party Ideas

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For centerpieces, some possible items might include a fedora, trench coat, sunglasses, fake mustache, manila envelopes, file folders, brief case (opened with files spewing out along with its contents - fake hand cuffs also look great on the briefcase), fake passports, expired airline tickets (you might have from a previous vacation), VHS tape (as mentioned later on in this section), computer parts, cameras (photo as well as video), pocket computer items (palm pilots, small TVs), bombs (see below as well), computer keyboard, computer disks, telephones and cell phones.

Nab a fingerprint image from the computer (go to and select IMAGES directly above the search bar - then type in fingerprint and you'll get a nice selection to choose from.) Copy and paste the image (once you click on it to get the full size) into a WORD document and enlarge it to fit the page. These can be then printed out and hung (you could also cut them out prior to hanging them up.)

Take a grown man's pair of shoes and trace out the soul (each shoe) onto a piece of cardboard. Once you cut these out, you'll have a great stencil for creating numerous footprints to place throughout your location. They can have multiple purposes (aside from just looking great spread throughout) including showing people where to stand in line for food, as part of game you already have planned or even fun paths to follow leading to different locations within your party space.

For a more global feel to your evening/event of espionage, provide lots of world maps or maps of other countries. There is a lot you can do to play off of geography (especially if you are choosing to have your guests representing different countries.) You can also order a free map of Washington DC from AAA (if you are a member.)

Have a VHS tape that won't work? Using a small screwdriver, remove the role of film from the plastic casing by unscrewing the small screws. A lot of things can be done with this including ribbon (for gift wrapping, bows, cutlery ties), party streamers, even as part of a centerpiece (unravel several feet of it and heap it into a pile.)

You can make a great looking bomb by cutting standard PVC piping and spray painting them red. Take eight (or so, depending on how big you want the bomb) and tie them together with black electrical tape (this may take two people to make a nice bundle.) Attach some white sculpting clay on top in the middle. Finally, take some electrical wire and cut some small pieces to stick in the clay. Take a long red piece of wire and wrap it around a rolling pin (tightly, so that you are forming a nice coil.) Attach one end of the coil to the clay and the other end inside one of the hollow pipes. It's a GREAT looking bomb that you spend only a couple of bucks on!

Many TVs nowadays have the capability to convert into a computer screen (once hooked up to a computer.) You can create a standard Powerpoint presentation with all types of images (Capital building, Washing Monument, etc.) and have them scroll through on the TV. Of course, a large screen TV would work best for this.


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