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Kung Fu Panda 2 Party Ideas

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For an inexpensive Great Wall of China, use brown postal wrapping paper and a new rectangle sponge. With any water based paint (try not to dilute it too much) use the sponge as a stamp to imprint bricks onto the paper. Although not very realistic, it 'works' for areas that are not meant for high profile places. A great way to blanket an area.

Play Chinese Bingo! You can either create your own boards or download a Chinese themed Bingo set HERE.
Provide chopsticks for your guests to use for food (no matter WHAT you are serving.) For added fun, don't provide anything else BUT the chopsticks!)

Depending on the state in which you live you can obtain fireworks year round. Consider getting some sparklers for your party! Make sure you understand the laws pertaining to your state first!

Send the kids on a Chinese themed scavenger hunt! You can either create your own, or download one HERE.

Have a game where your guests must pick up as many pieces of dried macaroni as they can in 60 seconds using ONLY chopsticks! Provide different shapes and sizes of the macaroni…the smaller macaronis could be worth more points! The guest who picks up the most in 60s seconds is determined the winner!

For goodie bags, use the take-out pagoda boxes used by Chinese food restaurants! These can either be left white (although they do come in prints, but they are more expensive) or you can decorate them with stickers and/or stamps (visit your local craft store for their selection of Asian stamps, using a red stamp pad.) If these are for children, you can have each child decorate their own as part of an activity. In this way, the children can decorate the boxes at the beginning of the party (while they are waiting for all of the guests to arrive) and put the token prizes and such from the games and activities in them as they go, keeping them together to make it easier for them when the party's over and it's time to go.



Chinese Posters! - Great party decorations!

Chinese Antiqued Paper

Chinese Dragon Hand Antiqued Paper