Ladybug Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Ladybug party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Ladybug Party Ideas

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Check your local library for books on ladybugs. These look great as table centerpieces or just propped up around your party for easy but creative party decorations.

Crushed graham crackers make fun 'dirt' for cake decorating.

For smaller guests, make ladybug wings from red construction paper. Either put the black dots on yourself ahead of time, or allow the children to glue/marker them on themselves. These can then be safety-pinned to the children's backs - now you'll have a swarm of ladybugs at your party!

As an activity, give each guest a small pot and allow them to pot their own flower. Potable flowers can be purchased VERY inexpensively at your local garden store. These make GREAT parting gifts for your guests as well.

Cut giant leaves from large sheets of green construction paper. These make great table placemats!

At the entrance to your party, place a vase of fresh flowers (artificial ones might work better for the very young.) Allow each guest to take one flower to have throughout the party. If you have different kinds, it's a great way to divide the children up into teams for your games and activities (i.e. all of the daisies are one time, etc.)








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