Lego Theme Party Supplies

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Lego Party Ideas

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Cover different sized boxes with colored wrapping paper or construction paper and stack them on top of each other for LEGO towers around your LEGO party. Hang a few boxes from the ceiling with streamers, ribbon or fishing line. Use colored plastic cups on the top block to look like the connector nubs.

Sprinkle LEGO's around the table for additional decoration. Or if you have particular sets and things built, have those items standing around the table for decoration.

Lego cake - you can make one rectangle cake and put six cupcakes on top for a large lego block. Make a set of LEGO's by cutting a cake into different squares and frosting them in different colors and stacking them again - or just frost one cake with different stripes of color to look like LEGOs.

Have a LEGO party building contest. Write down different items on small pieces of paper - horse, car, dog, tree, flower, backpack, sled, pencil - fold them and put them in a cup or a hat. Divide the group into teams, or if you have enough LEGOs, give everyone their own set of lego blocks. Random collections would be best. Now, pick out a piece of paper and give everyone 30 seconds or one minute to build that item out of the bricks they have in their group.

Lego party food - how about build your own sandwich, or build your own pizza, or build your own ice cream sundae? Set out the ingredients needed and let everyone build their own treats. Make different colored Jello jiggler blocks and stack them up on a plate for a colorful LEGO treat. You may be able to find gummy Lego candies, too.

Try a Lego toss game. Set up different boxes, cans or jars and tape a piece of paper with a point value on each one. Now have players take three LEGO blocks, stand behind a line and try to get the most points they can by tossing the blocks into the box/can/jars.

Guess how many Legos are in a jar. Build a Lego box and put a bunch of Legos inside it and have them guess how many are in the box. Lego pick up - put a bunch of loose Legos in a bowl. Give the kids a pair of chopsticks and see how many bricks they can take out of the bowl with the chopsticks in 15 seconds - or 10 seconds…or whatever time you decide.


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