Lego Star Wars Theme Party Supplies

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Lego Star Wars Party Ideas

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From Oriental Trading Company you can purchase a bag of gold plastic coins for only a few bucks. These are great for using as money studs, just like in the game. Throughout the party, award party guests in a variety of ways with different amounts of coins (winning certain games might win you a few bonus coins beyond the standard amount that each guest received just for participating.) At the end of the party, you can offer different ways for them to 'spend' their gold coins on goodie bag prizes.

Play Lego Charades! On separate pieces of paper, write down different characters and objects from the Star Wars movies. Provide the first player with a bucket of Legos and instruct them to draw an item/character from the paper pieces you made (having put them all in a hat to draw from.) They will then have exactly sixty seconds to build something with Legos so that everyone will guess what item/character they drew. You can also adapt Pictionary rules to this where the person drawing the item/character builds for his team only. If his team doesn't guess correctly after one minute, the opposing team is allowed to make one guess to earn the point. Teams then alternate for turns drawing new items/characters with different teammates building each time.

Visit your local library to check out as many books on Legos and Star Wars as you can (remember, most libraries allow you to reserve books, even from other branches.) When propped up, they make for great centerpieces or table top decorations! And…best of all…they're free!

Get your hands on some filing boxes (or any boxes that you might have, though filing boxes might be easier to find that are of a uniform size…uniform sizes work best for the overall look of this one.) Spray paint some of the boxes solid black and the others solid grey. With a white marker (found at craft stores) draw circles on tops of the black boxes similar to those on top of Lego pieces. Use a black marker for the tops of the grey boxes. In this way you'll be able to make large Lego pieces! These will look absolutely FANTASTIC at your party stacked in different places or placed at the front door for your guests to walk past!






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