The Ultimate Hawaiian Luau Party
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Luau Theme Party Ideas

Surfing the web for ideas for your next Hawaiian luau or beach themed party? Already have some ideas but looking for a TON more? LOOK NO FURTHER! This incredible downloadable e-book has OVER 200 unique and creative Hawaiian Luau ideas to make your Hawaiian luau amazing! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Luau recipes, luau decorations, luau party games... tons of luau party ideas! Compiled by a professional theme party/event designer with over 20 years experience in designing themed parties and events!

Hawaiian Luau Topics

  • Hawaiian Luau Decorations & Atmosphere (78 ideas)
  • Hawaiian Luau Invitations (7 ideas)
  • Hawaiian Luau Food and Recipes (55 ideas)
  • Hawaiian Luau Party Games for Kids (17 ideas)
  • Fun Hawaiian Luau Activities for Kids (19 ideas)
  • Hawaiian Luau Adult Games (13 ideas)
  • Miscellaneous Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas (17 ideas

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Luau InvitationLuau InvitationLuau Invitation
Luau Invitation
Luau InvitationLuau Invitation
Luau InvitationLuau InvitationLuau Invitation

60 pages of non-stop Hawaiian Luau ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative ideas!

THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar to you (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else - many originated by the author himself!

Example from Internet: (found on a party website on the Net)

"Play Hawaiian themed games"

Example in the Adults Games section of The Ultimate Hawaiian Luau/Beach Themed Event:

"Coconut bowling. This is a lot of fun, though can get a bit messy. Make sure that it is done someplace where the ground can be easily hosed off. You can either use actual pineapples (hollowed out from the bottom a bit to lighten them) for pins or make your own with 2-liter bottles that have a little sand or water inside to weigh them down against any breeze. These bottles could then be decorated in a variety of ways to look like pineapples. Three pins would work the best because coconuts are a lot smaller than normal sized bowling balls. Make sure to have some stationed at the other end of your 'alley' to reset the pins after each turn. Once the game is set up, let the fun begin. This could be a game played throughout the party for fun or you could hold a single elimination tournament until a single winner is established."


Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

Hand Antiqued Octopus Paper




As you can see, one Quest Luau "idea" can actually have several ideas within it!

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