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Antiqued First Page to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on FAIRYTALE PAPER!

Alice's Mad Tea Party Pages on FAIRYTALE PAPER!

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Although this might take a little time, you might find that it will be all of the decoration that you need for your party and you’ll REALLY impress your guests. Using brown packaging paper, twist long sheets into tree branches and attach the branches to the wall directly behind your tea part table. Using additional branches that you make, attach one end of each to your tree and the other end to a string that is pinned to the ceiling (making the branches hover over the table.) Finally, tape dangling strings with green paper leaves attached to them from the overhead branches. This single addition to your party will create such a great outdoors garden look for your Mad Tea Party!

Dig out of your garage (or borrow from a friend or neighbor) some strands of white Christmas tree lights. These look great for a festive garden look. These are especially effective you a portion of your party will be outside at dusk!

Remember to use pastel colors…and several of them. The look of the mad tea party is…well…mad. Have fun mixing and matching the colors into a crazy design. Mix patterns as well for a true mad party!

Send everyone on an Alice in Wonderland scavenger hunt - check out these cool Alice in Wonderland themed scavenger hunt lists to download - CLICK HERE!

Do what you can to NOT match the chairs, cups, plates, spoons, etc. The party definitely had a chaotic feel. Garden parties are planned in a very coordinated fashion, but NOT a mad tea party. Mix and match chairs, cups, etc. so that each place setting is it’s own combination of randomness

Visit your local thrift store and pick up as many cheap tea pots as you can. If the patterns or colors aren’t right for the party, a quick can of spray paint will do the trick. They won’t actually be used for drinking from, so paint away. Stack what pots you can get your hands on – hot glue-gunning the cheap thrift store ones on the base to hold up the centerpiece of teapots. It will look amazing and truly set the mood for your tea party! For added fun, have a small doormouse coming out of one of the teapots!

Even if tea won’t be served, serving the beverages in tea cups is a must.

If you are able to provide several teapots for use and the party is for children, enjoy putting many different kinds of punch in each of the different tea pots. The children will have fun pouring different flavors in their cups (punch is one of those drinks where even the oddest of combinations of flavors is still drinkable.) For added fun, DON’T match the color of the pot to the color of the punch inside (so they won’t know which flavor it is until the pour!)

Check online for patterns to make quick and easy paper Chinese lanterns. They will look FANTASTIC hanging from the ceiling above your table or in a tree if your table is outside.

Although it might be challenging to find the right volunteer, do what you can to have someone dressed as the Mad Hatter (or at least wearing the hat) guide the guests through the events of the tea party. Of course, the person would need to be energetic and a bit silly. Having this presence will definitely put the party over the top.

Periodically have everyone move around the table and sit in a new seat!




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