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Once a month Joann’s Fabric (a US hobby store) prints out coupons for those that are on their mailing and usually provides a 40% off a single, regularly priced item. A single cut of fabric counts as a single purchased item. Take this coupon and buy enough fabric to create a red curtain to hang up at your party space. They have varying qualities of fabric for the best effect. Of course, the velvet style will look best for a magic show feel, it can also be on the pricey side (with or without the coupon.) Based on your own budget you can choose which kind of fabric to choose. With this single purchase, you can fill a large space and really provide a great setting for your magic feel!

Ask around to anyone that might have a pet rabbit that they wouldn’t mind bringing to your party. Rabbits are adorable to look at, but also really create a ‘magic show’ mood!

As so many magic tricks involve a deck of cards, incorporate them in your party decorations. This can be done in a number of different ways such as taping them to string and creating your own banner crepe paper, hanging them from the ceiling and creating large cards from poster board and hanging them on your walls!

Make gold or silver stars and lightening bolts from cardboard. These are easy and cheap to make, while also filling up larger blank walls at your party space. For free cardboard, consider visiting your local warehouse store (i.e. Sam's Club, Costco, etc.) as they receive giant sheets of cardboard in between layers of products on their pallets. Ask the manager if you can have a few! They're very large and FREE!

Hand each child a wooden dowel (from your local hardware store - cut into smaller pieces) and allow them to decorate them as their own personal magic wand. This would also work with the smaller PVC pipes you can also get there. Consider painting the wands brown or black first.

Visit your local dollar store. In the toy section, they always seem to have a collection of small magic trick kits individually boxed for, you guessed it, a dollar a piece. These make for great centerpiece items, prizes for games and items to put in the goodie bags!




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