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Martial Arts Party Ideas

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  • Use a white or black tablecloth. Have various solid colored cups, plates and napkins representing the different belt colors in the martial art discipline you're celebrating. If you don't have a particular style in mind, you can use yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red and black.

  • Teach everyone to count from one to ten in Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese - or whatever appropriate language for the art you are celebrating. Check out a book at the library or look up counting online to see how to pronounce the numbers. Or, if you have a martial artist in your home, he or she probably knows how to count in that language.

  • Make a Gi cake. (the white outfit worn during martial arts training). You can make a large sheet cake and cut out the outline of the uniform. Then ice it with white frosting and pipe a colored belt across the middle. Or, use a full rectangle cake for the body and cut another rectangle cake or two into pieces to use for the arms and legs.

  • Serve steamed vegetables and rice or noodles with chopsticks. You can also find recipes for dumplings or wontons online. If your guests are more finicky eaters, prepare a SMALL amount of each and have everyone taste test a little bit of everything to experience a new culture.

  • Chopstick races! Create an obstacle course for players to go through while carrying a marshmallow or a ping-pong ball with two chopsticks. See who can go through the course the fastest. Alternatively, you can have relay races. Have two teams and the players have to carry a marshmallow on their chopsticks across a room, around a table or line, and then back to the line and pass the marshmallow to the next racer. The first team to complete the race wins.

  • Karate chop a pinata! Use a thinner paper bag - or create one out of wrapping paper - and hang it up. Players have to swing at the pinata with their hands and yell the proper ki-yop! to hit the pinata and win the toys and candy inside

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