Masquerade Ball Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Masquerade Ball and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Masquerade Ball Party Ideas

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Make giant masquerade ball masks for the wall. So much of the masquerade theme is centered around the fun and colorful masks that everyone wears. Fortunately, the shape itself is simple enough to recreate easily. Get your hands on all different kinds of colorful wrapping paper (preferably ones that aren’t holiday specific.) This would be a great time to ask around to friends, family and co-workers to see if you can use whatever left overs they might have. Large masquerade masks can be cut out from these large pieces and hung all over your wall without much cost at all (assuming you have or can acquire the scraps of wrapping paper without having to buy them.) It’s a GREAT way to fill the entire party area with decoration!

For more elaborate masquerade masks, consider cutting out large ones from sheets of cardboard. Spray them metallic gold for a great masquerade ball look! A great resource for getting your hands on large sheets of cardboard is to visit your local club membership store (i.e. Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.) and ask the receiving manager if they wouldn’t mind saving you a couple of sheets. The products that come in on the pallets have those large cardboard sheets separating each layer - they get hundreds a week!

Visit your local party supply store (or check a good online resource such as Oriental Trading Company) for some masquerade masks. The insides of these (the parts that are against your face) are great for writing all of your party details on them and for handing out as Masquerade Ball invitations! These can either be hand delivered or even mailed. How exciting would it be for your guests to get a masquerade ball mask in the mail inviting them to your party!

So much of what makes a Masquerade Ball fun are the masks that everyone wears. Encourage your guests to spend time being creative with the masks that bring and wear. You could even offer contests with prizes for different categories of masks that your guests come with such as most artistic, most representative of the wearer’s personality, craziest, etc.

Remember that a Masquerade Ball is just that…a Ball. Dancing may not be something that every guest is comfortable with or can even successfully do, per se. Help them out a little bit by providing a short lesson in traditional ballroom dancing for everyone to learn and practice with. Ask around to anyone who has taken lessons before that might be willing to share what they’ve learned (ballroom dancing classes has become increasingly popular over the past decade.) You might also ask around to college friends you know to see if they know of a dance major who might enjoy coming to teach a few steps. Of course, you can always hire a professional, but sometimes budget doesn’t permit such an expense.

From your local craft store, pick up a stack of plain masquerade masks. They come in a variety of colors and are great fun to decorate at the party itself. Provide whatever art supplies you are able to such as construction paper, feathers, beads and sequins to really make their creations come alive. These also make for great parting gifts for your guests as they leave your party

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