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Mermaid Party Ideas
(The following ideas are an excerpt from The Ultimate Hawaiian Luau Themed Event download - CLICK HERE for details for 200 luau theme party ideas!)

Live fish in bowls are great for centerpieces. Make sure that you buy extra in case some die. These are also great to give as gifts for guests as parting gifts. Check with the parents first about giving the children fish. You might consider also providing small bowls and fish food with them. You could also allow your guests to catch their own fish by picking them out of a kiddie swimming pool.

If you want to create a neat bubble effect with helium balloons, tie them to thread approximately a balloon and a half length apart from each other (closer, if you desire). Depending on the height you are going for will determine how many balloons you will tie to each thread. Weight one end of the thread down with something heavy. The balloons floating up will look like bubbles (providing you use light blues and whites.) Experiment with different sizes of balloons, heights of strings and numbers of balloons on a string to achieve the look you want in the area that you are working with.

Crepe paper too close to lights welcomes disaster…however, colored crepe paper NEAR lights can change the overall hue in the room. Blue crepe paper near the central lighting will give a bluish glow to the room (great for an underwater feeling.)


Hang fishing line from the ceiling or beams with large, construction paper hooks attached to the bottom. If you are clever, you could also turn this into a game (putting paper clips on each of the hooks…a child has a certain amount of time to attach as many fish as the can to as many hooks as they can.)

Take a large pink balloon and attach eight long pink crepe paper streamers to all sides of the balloon (spreading them out evenly.) Attach them to about the middle height of the balloon. With a black marker, draw a pair of eyes on the balloon and you have a great looking octopus. You can either let the tentacles dangle down or you can take each one and fasten them to different parts of the ceiling. If you have the patience (or employ the help from some children) you can draw circles on the streamers to simulate suction cups.

For fun seaweed, drape green and blue crepe paper from helium balloons (for an underwater effect.) Make sure, though, that you have purchased large enough balloons to hold your crepe paper (you might need to experiment with the lengths of the crepe paper for this.)





Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

Hand Antiqued Shell Paper