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This can be a very fun game, depending on the age of your participants. Mickey Mouse has changed his look over the years and it’s often fun to see the transformation over the years. There are actually two different ways that you can use this in your party. The first is as decoration.: Using black crepe paper and a large blank wall, tape up a stripe with the crepe paper, creating a timeline of sorts. On that timeline, tape up images of Mickey throughout the years in chronological order (finding the images in order is easy online – just do a search for “Mickey images over the years”.) The second is as a game: Print out the images and have your guests guess which Mickey came first. The clothes and style of the drawing give many clues as to what decade each Mickey image fits into.

Teach all of your party guests to sing the Mickey Mouse Club March (the one that begins “Who’s the leader of the club that’s friend to you and me. M_I_C_K_E_Y___M_O_U_S_E….” Once all of your party guests know the song, give them a change to sing it throughout the party at different times (i.e. to launch a new game, before present time, etc.)

Create nametags for each guests to wear ahead of time with the different Mickey friends names on them (i.e. Donald Duck, Goofy, etc.) keeping in mind the genders as you’ll be assigning one to each of your guests (not sure of too many seven year old boys who would like to be Minnie Mouse for the day, for example.) For the duration of the party, each party guest must learn the other’s guests ‘new names’ and address each by that name!

Get your hands on as many TV sets with DVD/VCR players as you can find. This tip is not only impressive, but typically free, as well. From your local library, reserve as many different Mickey Mouse videos as you can (enough for one for each TV set you are able to set up.) If your local library does not have enough (though they often do because most are able to borrow from other libraries) consider renting a few from your local video rental store. Make sure that each tv is set to loop it’s video/movie (as much as able with the technology of the player.) You have two choices and both are very effective. The first is to spread the tv sets throughout your party area. Make sure that the sounds is OFF on each set lest the movies will be competing with each other for the noise. With these old cartoons, you won’t need the sound for them to be entertaining. In this way you’ll have ‘moving decorations’ set up throughout the party and your guests will have fun going from tv to tv to view the different screens during your downtimes. The second is to put all of the tvs in ONE place. Again, with the sound off, it can be a very impressive site to see many different tvs playing a different Mickey Mouse cartoon or movie!

Here’s a great trick for decorating on a budget. Buy an extra pack of Mickey themed napkins. They are often very inexpensive and, when unfolded completely, are a large piece of Mickey decoration that you work with to decorate your party space. Have fun thinking of different ways to hang, scrunch, etc. the napkin in your decorating. For a simple technique that will cover a large blank wall, consider putting the unfolded napkins on a wall in a checkerboard fashion, alternating between the Mickey print napkins and a solid colored napkin (with a color that matches the print napkins) – it will look GREAT!

Print out the faces of the different traditional Disney characters (i.e. Mickey’s friends such as Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goody, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Louie and Dewey, etc.) Prop each of these pictures on the tops of each of the chairs your party guests will be sitting in. This idea works especially well if you’ve chosen to implement the idea above regarding assigning a different character to each guest.

Mickey Mouse posters make for great decorations AND great prizes for any games that you have planned! As each game is played, allow the winner of the game to choose a poster to take home that you have hanging up! No more throwing away of the party decorations! (See below for some cool Mickey posters)

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