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Minnie Mouse Party Idea

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If you’re having a hard time finding enough decorations for your party and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, try using any of the themed placed setting extras you might have. The Minnie Mouse napkins you might have purchased can easily be unfolded and used in decorations throughout the house at a fraction of the cost of some of the other decorations you might have be tempted to purchase.

Before your party begins, write different Mickey and Minnie friends’ names on nametags (Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, etc.). As each guest arrives, hand them one of the nametags and tell that they must wear it at all times where all of the other guests can see it. You see, each guest will only be referred to by their new character name. This can also be turned into a game by, at some point you choose, taking away all of the nametags and asking all of your party guests to remember which other guest had which character. This is also a great game for getting your guests to mingle with each other throughout the party so that they can see everyone’s character (and try to commit them to memory.)

Here’s a great suggestion for combining your party decorations with party game prizes. Purchase some Minnie Mouse themed posters and hang them up throughout the party. After each game is played and a winner is announced, explain to the winner that they can pick from any currently un-picked Minnie poster hanging up as their prize. By the time the part is over, you’ll have given away your prizes and your decorations will be going to a good home!

As a special tribute to the old black and white cartoons that Minnie Mouse first starred in, suggest to your party guests that they all wear only black and white clothing to the party!

Many folks may not know this but Minnie Mouse actually has her own theme song. It’s called “Minnie’s Yoo-hoo.” It’s a very cute musical tune that would be great to play at the entrance to your party. This song can be found on many Disney compilation CD’s so ask around to any Disney fans that you might know to check their own music collection

Minnie Mouse posters make for great decorations AND great prizes for any games that you have planned! As each game is played, allow the winner of the game to choose a poster to take home that you have hanging up! No more throwing away of the party decorations! (See below for some cool Minnie posters)

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