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Monkey / Curious George Party Ideas

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Have each guest bring a dessert…with bananas as the main feature. Offer a prize to the best dessert (each party guest votes for their favorite…if you think you'll have trouble with folks voting for their own, then explain that they can vote for only one and it CAN'T be their own.)

Visit your local public library and check out different books on monkeys. These look great as part of table centerpieces or as general decorations placed throughout your party area. They can either be laying flat or they can also be propped up in a half open fashion (remember to visit both the children's AND adult's section of the library.)

For an inexpensive jungle, get a lot of green streamers. Try to get at least two different shades of green and maybe one brown roll, too. Hang and droop the streamers randomly and densely throughout the party area…and NOT just overhead - these will give a great monkey vine look! You can make green construction paper leaves to tape to the streamers. If you have some artificial vines and leaves, you can sprinkle these around among the streamers…so you'll have the leaves of a jungle and the streamers will "fill in" the rest of the space. Let the 'vines' you create hang to the floor, wrap around some of the furniture, even squiggle on the ground. As long as it doesn't look uniform (the way normal streamers might) it will add the great jungle colors to your event. You can also hang some in doorways as 'vines' blocking the path and your guests will have to brush aside the vines as they walk about! Use green light bulbs in the area and shine them on the plants, streamers or fabric to add to the foliage feel.


Drape monkey or banana themed printed fabric around your party. Look for close out sales at your local fabric stores. Sometimes online fabric stores have good deals, but they can have high shipping costs. If you are near a metropolitan area, check a business-to-business directory for upholstery fabric retailers and wholesalers. In Los Angeles there is a garment

Look up some facts on monkeys at your local library and periodically ask your guests them throughout the party, awarding points/bananas as you go (true or false might be the way to go for younger crowds). Give a prize to the individual with the most points/bananas at the end of the party.

Have a banana eating contest - the one who eats their banana the quickest wins!

Create an indoor monkey or banana tree! Get a roll of brown package paper. Unroll a piece about 15 feet long. Crinkle and twist the paper over and over again. Now you can take the twisted "trunk" and attach it to the wall with thumbtacks, poster tack or tape. Try not to make a trunk that is straight up and down. Make some smaller twisted lengths of packaging paper as offshoot branches. Use green streamers to create "leaves" for the tree. You can take small lengths and crunch them together, then tape the bunch to the wall as a few leaves. You could also have your guests cut out leaves for your tree. Use construction paper and have them cut different leaves to tape to the wall.

Make monkey animal footprints leading up to the entrance of your party. Find footprints in books or online. You can look at library books for patterns or online. Cut out of construction paper the footprints of a monkey. Tape them to the ground leading to the front door of your party. It will look like a monkey has already arrived at the party ahead of your guests!

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