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Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Antiqued First Page of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Murder Mystery Knife Pages on Hand Antiqued Paper

Get your hand on as many different TV sets that you can and place them around your party/facility/event. On each of the sets, play a different murder mystery movie. They can either be old classics such as Murder on the Orient Express and Ten Little Indians or later classic thrillers such as Suspect and Kiss the Girls…all the way up to current releases. Check your local library (beyond your own collection if yours is limited) for a great selection of DVDs to choose from. The great part about this is that you don't even need to have the volume on (in fact, especially for adult parties where the guests will probably more enjoy their conversations more than the videos…)!

For fun great looking table centerpieces, visit your local library and check out some well know mystery book titles and arrange them with the books standing up, half open so that their pages can be quasi-seen.

This is a great game that can passively last throughout the entire party. Print out several pictures of different murder weapons (i.e. poison, hammer, gun, rope, knife, etc.) on paper (see the Decorations section for resource ideas on obtaining images.) On each of the sheets of paper, write a different number or name bold enough to see easily. Place them throughout the party area, however, do not place all of them in easily found locations. Some of them can be in plain view (so that everyone can find a few) but most hide a bit out of site. Provide for each of your guests to have a copy of a list of all the images to find. Next to each of the image names, they are to write the number/name provided on each image sheet. The goal is to be the first to fill in all the answers by either knowing them outright, finding the poster or combinations thereof. You can also instruct them that all completed sheets can be turned in to you by a certain time, then a raffle can be held among all that are turned in for a prize. A third variation would be to offer a raffle ticket for each correct answer (the more they answer, the better chance they'll have to win a prize at the raffle.)

Set up different vignettes throughout (make sure they are clearly labeled and designated) where there is something 'wrong' to figure out. (Make sure to give them a list of possible wrong things that they can set up.) A passive game for the guests to play would be to figure out what's wrong in each of the little scenes. Maybe a crime in each (look through the visual books that I have to find specific examples.)

All kinds of photos and pictures can be nabbed from the Internet and made into simple decorations. Print out photos of famous sleuths such as Sherlock Holmes, Jane Marple or Hercule Poirot. Other fun images might include fingerprints, spyglass, fun looking keys and locks, old locked doors, small vials of poison, etc. Glue them to black cardstock (the picture being a little smaller to allow for a small black border on the cardstock.) These can be hung all throughout the party area as well as hung from the ceiling and made to stand up as centerpiece items. Movies on DVD can also be paused and the image can be copied and printed. The greatest and fastest place to find any image you want is to go to and click on IMAGES (right above the search bar.) The search bar should turn pink. Now just enter what you want to find an image of. You'll get an incredible selection to choose from! Google also has a similar search at (click IMAGES from the top menu bar on the page.)

Have a list of murder mystery books - have to put them in the order that they were released. Also, you could throw in other facts like when Agatha Christie was born, etc.)

Get copies of book covers

Mystery movie posters can be purchased from any number of online websites. Check out their clearance section for the best deals. However, often times larger video store chain locations (i.e. Blockbuster, Hollywood Video) receive a great many more posters in the mail than they can hang. Speak to the manager about being able to take some that they are going to throw out to make room for newer releases.

A great selection of music sounds great at a party. Soundtracks are a good place to start. Here are some suggestions when choosing your soundtrack music - you'll want to do what you can to play soundtracks that your guests will recognize, you can burn your own CD collection of different songs from different movies, play the music low enough so that regular conversations can still take place. Soundtrack composers get paid big bucks to write music to create a mood. If you are going for a mysterious/spooky feel, soundtracks are great resources. Remember to start at your local library for selections.

In the invitations, don't just invite them to a party…invite them to a haunted manor, an old castle or other mysterious place you can decorate your party facility like! Set the excitement level high from the beginning!

For adult parties, have large knives sticking out of different food items (like a large chunk of cheese, a cake, etc.) The more oversized the knife, the better it looks.


Fully Downloadable Mystery Themed Bingo Set -

Sherlock Holmes on Antiqued Paper

Antiqued First Page of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes


university scavenger hunts

If you know someone who is handy with Photoshop or other graphics programs, consider creating your own Newspaper headline and print them on large sheets of paper. These make for great table place mats and can have a variety of different headlines (including announcing the deaths of some of your guests in tragic accidents for fun!)

If you have drapes in your home (where the party will be) and they are hung back by ropes with tassels, consider switching out the tassels with ropes that have a hangman’s noose tied at the ends!

For fun invitations (depending on the mystery spin you are putting on your party) disguise the invitations as though they are invitations from an attorney to attend the reading of a will.

For fun magnifying glass cakes, make two standard 9” round cakes, but don’t stack them in the tradional way. Instead, cover the sides with chocolate frosting and the tops with white frosting. Then, stacked on their side, line up a bunch of Oreo cookies in a tube-like manner creating the handle to the magnifying glass and attach one to the side of each of the 9” rounds. Place the two cakes next to each other at perpendicular angles and it will look like two magnifying glasses! For best results, ‘glue’ the Oreo cookies together, back to back, with frosting first to keep the handle together.

Depending on the type of mystery party you are planning, you might consider serving movie theater food as though your guests were going to see a murder mystery movie. This is obviously a great choice if you were planning on actually seeing a murder mystery as part of your party’s activities.

Test their powers of observation by handing different teams a copy of the same magazine (visit your local bookstore for a fun magazine to fit the theme – such as a firearms magazine.) Ahead of time, find specific pictures in the magazine and write down their page numbers on a separate piece of paper. Have each team (five players max) keep their magazine closed until you’ve called out the item and said GO! They will then flip through the pages of the magazine frantically looking for the image you called out. The first team to find the image earns one point. The team with the most points at the end wins. If you have two teams, make sure you have an odd number of items so that you can avoid a tie. If your magazines have similar pictures throughout, purchase an additional copy of the magazine and physically cut out the images you want the teams to find so that they can see exactly what it is that they are looking for. Same as before, have each team close their magazine, you then hold up the cut out image. Once each team has seen the image, say GO and let the race begin. You might want to add in the extra difficulty of not allowing the teams to see the image again once their magazines are open. They must use their powers of observation to remember what the image exactly looked like.

Play a few rounds of Murder Mystery bingo. This also a great game to play throughout the evening, giving out squares as the party progresses - giving out a new bingo call space with different clues as part of other murder mystery activities you have planned for your party. You can either create your own mystery themed bingo boards or download them from the Internet HERE.

At the entrance your party, place a sign in book that are common to funerals. This will be a great and eerie way to begin the party by having each guest sign the book as they enter. It can also be fun to read the comments that some of the more ‘creative’ guests leave in the book.

Visit your local library and check out a few One Minute Mystery books. These are GREAT for mystery parties and there are lots of different ways to use them. For those that aren’t familiar with these, they are collections of micro-mysteries (typically not longer than a few paragraphs) that need to be solved - answers found at the back of the book. You can make copies of some of your favorite ones and leave them out casually for your guests to solve at their own leisure. You can also make it more of a group activity by reading the scenarios out loud and seeing who can solve the mystery.