My Little Pony Theme Party Supplies

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My Little Pony Party Ideas

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Decorating for your Little Pony party can be simple. Pastels are best. If your guest of honor has a favorite pony, decorate primarily in that color. Find the image that relates to the pony – like a star, rainbow or flower. Print some out, draw them or just hang them around the party area. Hearts, rainbows and stars and flowers are good standards.

Serve Little Pony rainbow punch. Put rainbow sherbet in your punch mix. Or, make some ice cubes out of punch or flavored drink mixes. Put the colored cubes in some clear soda for a bubbling, colorful drink!

Have some My Little Pony themed food. You can serve rainbow parfaits – use whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries and layer them in clear cups so you can see the rainbow. If you have cookie cutters in the shape of flowers, stars or hearts, cut sandwiches or cheese and meats in the shapes. You can also make rainbow Jello jigglers and cut them in shapes for a pretty display.

Play traditional games with a Little Pony twist. You can try “Pin the tiara on the Pony” or Pony Says. Set up an obstacle course in the yard or play area and have your guests run the course, but they have to “gallop” like a pony. Maybe a game of horseshoes would be fun!

Provide My Little Pony coloring pages for your guests to color as they wait for others to arrive. You can print a few images out and hang them around the party area, too.

Have a My Little Pony dress up or makeover time! You can use watercolor paints or basic body glitter. Give the girls time to put “makeup” on their ponies. Of course, if they are using stuffed animals, you’ll have to do something different. Perhaps ribbons, headbands, bracelets, barrettes and bows can spruce up an animal. Take pictures of the girls with their ponies.

Invite your guests to bring a My Little Pony or other stuffed animal. Have some extra available in case a guest or two doesn’t have something to bring.




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