Navy Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Navy party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Navy Party Ideas

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Hold a young Navy training academy for all those that wish to be in the Navy. Different aspects could include physical strength and agility (set up an obstacle course), an eye test (play any number of observation games) and following orders (a game of Simon Says.) If it's Summertime (or you have access to an indoor pool) it would be great to hold activities in the water!

Visit your local library for books on the Navy and jet fighters. These make great centerpieces for your table!

Maps of the different oceans of the world look great hanging on walls as decorations!

Hang battleships of all kinds (throughout history, too) from the ceiling. If you can get your hands on different models, it could show a true tribute to the history of sailing.

If you plan on having game and activities, provide medals or badges to the cadets for completing certain activities or winning certain games.

Visit your local Naval recruitment center for literature/pictures you might be able to use (once cut out) for invitations, Thank You cards, etc.

Know anyone in the Navy? Have them come and speak your party guests on any number of relevant topics pertaining to his/her service in the Navy!

The navy has their own theme song and it’s a great song to play at the entrance to your party. It’s very uplifting and great for putting your guests in the right frame of mind with the naval theme. You don’t have to play the song throughout the whole party, at the entrance should do the trick.

From several different online resources you can find all kinds of posters (see below for some samples.) These are great for hanging about all throughout your party space. These also make for great party prizes for games that you might have planned. When someone wins a game, simply ask them which of the posters they’d like to take home. Put a post-it on that poster with their name on it. Before each guest leaves, make sure that they don’t leave without any poster(s) they might have won during the party.

Visit your local Navy recruitment office for literature et. al. that you might be able to use as part of your table centerpiece

If you are planning several games and activities, consider giving everyone the lowest ranking for the Navy at the beginning of the party. Each time they do well at a game or participate in an activity, they advance in their rankings. At the end, award a prize to the guest(s) who have the highest ranking (Naval officer).

There are all kinds of rankings in the military, including the Navy. However, very few civilians actually the order of the rankings (Captain, etc.) Create your own party game sheet listing all of the Naval rankings in random order. Assign the task of your guests to see who can correctly put them in order. The one who is most successful wins a prize. In the event of a tie (or several people know all of the rankings) consider drawing one list in a raffle style to determine a single winner.

Play a few rounds of Sink the Ships. Although this may sound like a game for children, adults will LOVE this game, as well. Begin by visiting your local toy store for some small plastic boats - the cheaper made the better…remember, they’re going to sink! To play, fill a small plastic kid pool with water and let the boats float freely in the water. Arm the participants with marbles and see who can knock over one of the ships by hitting them with the marbles!

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