New Year's Eve Theme Party Supplies

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New Year's Eve Party Ideas

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For great looking centerpieces, save any and all wine bottles for your party. These make for great flower vases! To finish off the look, have the ‘chilling’ in buckets of ice. These look especially nice as part of your table centerpiece setting.

Lights always make for great decorations for any New Year’s Eve party. You probably still have the Christmas tree lights out (or somewhere within reach from putting them away in the garage). Solid white strands are typically the best, though anything colorful can work.

If you are going for a potluck set-up, ask each guest to bring a ‘new’ dish…a dish that they’ve NEVER made before. It will be fun to see what every guest brings as you are likely to get a bunch of unique dishes for everyone to try.

Early on in the party, give each guest an index card for them to fill in their top three New Year’s Resolutions. When they’ve written out three, they are to return them back to you (making sure that their names are on them.) When you receive them back, be sure to number them as you receive them (the first one with a 1, the second with a 2, etc.) When it’s time to play the game, give each guest participating a piece of paper and pen. Begin reading off each set of resolutions WITHOUT saying whose they are. As you call out the number of the card, the guests’ job will be to try and figure out who in the room put down those particular resolutions.

Get a list of different well know current events throughout the current year. Type them up, in random order, on a sheet of paper and make copies enough for each guest to have one. The goal for each guest will be to put the events of the year in the correct chronological order of when they each happened. It will be a great time for everyone to recollect the events of the year they are saying goodbye to.

Do you still have that Christmas tree up? Well, don’t take it all the way down just yet. Leave part of it up and call it your New Year’s Eve tree. Next to your tree provide a bunch of di-cut shapes of balloons, party hats, etc. with paper clips attached to them in such a way that they can easily be hung on the tree as ornaments. Have a little sign next to the tree that explain to your guests that they are to write down things that they are grateful for this past year and to write them on the ornaments, then hang the ornament on the tree. By the end of the party you’ll have a great looking New Year’s Tree filled with positive thoughts of the past year.

If you party guests are familiar with each other (family setting or close friendships) consider going around the room and having each person in the room mention something that they’d like to say goodbye to for the ending year. Perhaps they’ve had bad luck finding a job, they can say goodbye to their bad luck. Perhaps they’ve want to say goodbye to a messy house, etc

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