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Ninja Party Ideas

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  • Give guests a headband to wear during the party. Find headbands with images already printed on them, or you can draw characters on them with fabric markers.

  • For invitations, get black, red or white bandanas. Print your party information on some iron-transfer sheets and iron them to the bandanas. If you print a ninja-like image on the other side, these can be the headbands your guests wear during the party!

  • Create a nunchuck cake. Bake two cakes in loaf pans for the nunchucks. Bake cupcakes for the chain connecting the nunchucks. You can frost just the edges of the cupcakes so they look like chain links, or you could frost them with white and then use another color piped icing to make the chain links.

  • Play games like hide-and-seek or capture-the-flag to add a mysterious feel to the party. Ninjas are stealthy - so these games are great to keep in character. Instead of a flag, have one player wear a different colored headband and he or she has to hide and the others must find him!

  • Sword fight with long foam swimming tubes. Perhaps they have to hit another player (not in the head) three times to win a battle. Or, set up items on a shelf or table outdoors and see who can knock off the most items with one swing of the "sword."

  • Ninja star throwing. Use small, heavy paper plates or posterboard to cut out ninja stars if you cannot find the plastic toy variety. Have the ninjas throw the stars into a bucket, or try to knock items off a table or shelf.










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