Noah's Ark Theme Party Supplies

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Noah's Ark Party Ideas

Set up"water" around the Noah's Ark party area with a roll of blue plastic tablecloth. You may find these rolls at party supply or craft stores. Cut out some paper fish and tape them to the "water."

If you are indoors, label rooms of the Noah's Ark party area by the names of the animals. A playroom can be "Monkeys", the living room could be "Lions." Or perhaps label different areas outside according to what activities will take place in the area - eating with the Elephants, swinging with birds.

Desserts in duos on the ark. If you have the time and inclination, you can make cupcakes and decorate them in pairs. Perhaps different colors of icing (you can mix colors with food coloring), or pairs of plastic or candy animals on the tops of the cupcakes. If you offer cookies, serve them in twos.

Find some inflatable animals for your table, to hang from various places, or just to prop up around the Noah's Ark party. If you cannot find them at a party supply store, check Oriental Trading Company. (Quest does not have any professional affiliation with OTC) They typically sell the animals by the dozen - but that means you can fill a lot of space easily. They could also be great parting gifts. Swimming pool supply stores or departments of larger stores often have inflatable animal products as well.

Play Noah's Ark party games in pairs. If you play a group game, they have to stand together in pairs. If you play tag, the guests have to hold hands; if you play pin the tail on the donkey, have one player blindfolded and the other player give directions. After each activity, have the guests switch partners to keep everyone encouraging one another. You can set pairs with nametags, hats or masks of different animals. This would probably work best with older guests.

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