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Visit your local hardware store and buy a large PVC pipe to create an actual POLE for your party! Begin by spray painting the whole pipe white (why paint it white when it’s already white? They all have writing on them that you’ll probably want to cover up for the sake of the overall look of your pole.) Use masking tape to mask off a part of the pole in a candy cane fashion. The, paint the pole red. Once the paint dries, you can peel off the masking tape and you’ll have a candy cane striped pole! A Styrofoam ball placed on top finishes the look!

The next time your local craft/hobby store has a sale (or your get one of those wonder 40% off coupons from Joann’s) pick up some white batting. Cleverly placed in corners and around the edges at the entrance to your party, you can create a really nice snow drift effect, simulating the white snow of the North Pole. You may need to play around a bit with it to achieve the best results, but once you get the hang of it, you’ve really got a wonderful addition to your decorations!

Using a large roll of white butcher paper, you can really fill your party area! Cut out a wavy section that’s very long and put it all along your wall - it will be like snow drifts all along your walls - they can also be used to make large snowmen

Hot chocolate is a must for this type of theme. For added fun, consider dipping the spoons in melted chocolate first. As your guests stir their hot chocolate with the spoon, they’ll be make their warm drink even more chocolaty!

Freshly popped popcorn is also a great snack for the party. For added fun, pop the popcorn over an open fire/fireplace.

Play musical chair wrapping! Begin by taking a small prize (a gift certificate, a small stuff animal, etc.) and wrapping it in Christmas wrapping paper. Then, wrap this same gift multiple times (preferably in increasingly larger sized boxes, though this is not necessary for the game to be played.) Once you have your prize wrapped several times (6-7 times), have all of your guests sit in a circle in the room where they can easily pass the gift from one person to another. Now, play some Christmas music and have everyone pass the gift around in the circle. Whoever is holding the gift when the music stops gets to open one layer of wrapping. If there is another wrapping inside, then the music starts again and the gift starts once more around the circle. Whoever unwraps the final wrapping, gets to keep the gift!

Have a snowflake making contest. Sure everyone knows how to make a simple snowflake (most of us learned the basics in elementary school) however, if you REALLY want to make this activity fun, check out some books at your local library for some more ‘professional’ techniques. Have these books handy for your guests to try out on their own creations. This is a great activity to facilitate towards the begging of your party because you’ll be able to hang up everyone’s creations to add to the decorations of the overall party!

Have all of your guests show up in coats, scarves and mittens. This makes it fun no matter WHAT time of year to have everyone come in to the party area as though they just came in from the cold! You may need to make sure the air conditioner is turned up for this particular aspect to ensure that your guests are comfortable – but, then again, it IS the North Pole!

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