Australian Outback Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Australian Outback Party Ideas

These look REALLY great…but you'll need someone who has a very simple computer graphics program and the basic knowledge to use it. Download some nice photos from the Internet of Australia (you should be overwhelmed by the selection you find on the Internet) and load them into the graphics program. You can do this by 'right clicking' with your mouse on any picture you like, then selecting 'Save As' among the options. Save these to a disk or your hard drive. Across the top (or in any other place, depending on how creative you want to get with it…) put the words of the location (i.e. Sydney, the Bush, etc.) Then, in one of the corners put a large number…essentially, you are making a large stamp. Once you have the image the way you want it, print it out and decorate cut the edges all around in the fashion of a large stamp (fiskar scissors do a great job.) These look great just about anywhere. HINT: These can be done in assembly-line fashion and can be cranked out relatively fast once you get into the 'groove' of it.

Visit your local library and photocopy old maps (found in their reference section.) Black and white copies can then be taken to your local print shop/copy center to have blown up to any size you want (3' x 4' feet.) When they are blown up that large, they get very 'grainy,' which a great affect for rugged 'Outback' maps. These can then be either hung on the walls, or rolled up and placed around the party/event.

Name your location. Invite your guests to Sydney or Melbourne, etc. By naming it and referring to that name you'll create a definite place and time for your guests. It's amazing the credibility that is given when it is given a name.

Have some live characters roaming around, mingling with the guests. How about an outback guide walking around pitching his/her newest excursion deep in the bush? You get the idea…The characters do not need to be present for long periods of time. In fact, it is best if they are not. Let them come…and then go. Your guests will be incredibly impressed.

Play a few rounds of Australian Outback bingo. This also a great game to play throughout the evening, giving out squares as the party progresses. You can either create your own Australian Outback themed bingo boards or download them from the Internet HERE.

Make sure that every guest has a sticker-tag with the name of a fictitious stereotypical Australians on it (i.e. Jake the Alligator Trapper, Linda the Koala Trainer, Peter the Outback Bush Guide, etc.) Then, below that name, write a small fact about that fictitious character (i.e. Personally own five live alligators, Has never visited Sydney, etc.) Then, give every guest a pencil and piece of paper. Explain to your guests that they must write down the names of every 'character' present in the room while they are having conversations and meeting others (a great way to initiate mingling.) Be sure to tell them ahead of time how many guests there are so that they know when they've found them all. Throughout the evening, call out at different times ways to cross names off their list. You see, one of the characters in the room has just stolen a precious diamond from the Melbourne Museum (for example) - but which one? At some point you might give a clue "The character is scared to death of all reptiles" - then everyone would cross those names off their list. A half hour later, you might say "The character was born and raised in Sydney" - then they would know to cross off the name who had that detail (they may need to go searching again among the other guests to remind themselves who had that fact on their sticker…) Again, it's a casual game that can keep the party moving, without asking a lot from your guests.

Cut out of construction paper kangaroo footprints and tape them to the ground leading to the front door of your party. Remember that a kangaroo hops, so their footprints wouldn’t be staggered in the way that our footprints would – they are side by side, with long gaps in between the pairs! Visit your local library for a book on kangaroos to get the shape of their feet right (the Children’s section would probably be the first/best place to check.) To finish it off, post a couple of the Kangaroo Crossing signs along the tracks (sign included in this download.)

Boomerangs make for great decorations for your party space and are very easy to make. The basic shape can easily be found online. Create a stencil of one and trace several different boomerangs from pieces of construction paper. These look great put up just about anywhere, even hanging from the ceiling (for an illusion that they are flying through the air at your party!)

Using the boomerang stencil idea above, consider providing blank boomerangs for your guests to decorate, expressing their artistic sides. This is a great activity to facilitate early on in the party so that the boomerangs can be hung up as party decorations for the remainder of the party!

Know anyone who drives a Jeep? If they aren’t using it during the times of your party, use it as decoration by parking it in front of your party space! Place a big sign on the back (or front depending on how you have it parked) saying Australian Outback - with an arrow pointing to your party space entrance. The visual looks great!

Play a few rounds of Australian Outback bingo. This also a great game to play throughout the evening, giving out squares as the party progresses. You can either create your own Australian Outback themed bingo boards or download them from the Internet HERE.

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Going for a more Outback feel? Camping equipment make great centerpieces (i.e. canteens, small shovels, satchels, road maps, etc.)

From some exotic meat stores you might have in your city (as well as MANY online vendors) you can purchase actual kangaroo meat. For those living in Australia, eating kangaroo meat may not be that exotic, however outside of the continent it can be quite an adventure to eat it! There are a lot of recipes online that will offer a lot of possibilities. The taste may be a little on the ‘acquired’ side, so consider offering them as adventurous appetizers!

Although the Australian Outback is known for crocodiles, you can find actual alligator teeth through many beading suppliers online. These are GREAT for putting inside the invitation envelopes!

Getting lost in the Outback is dangerous…you definitely need a map. Get a few copies of the same large roadmap and have contests to see who can FOLD the map back to its original state the quickest!!!

Australia has many animals that are indigenous to the continent. For a fun game, create a party game sheet listing all of the different indigenous Australian animals on one side with their images on the other (randomized.) The goal for your guests will be to match up the images of the animals with their actual names. Although your local library can provide a lot of information regarding animals from Australia, you might find it handier to look online because you’ll also have access the animals right there, creating the game sheet as you go! Another variation on this is to offer a long list of animals from all over the world and they player must guess which animals are indigenous to Australia.

Kangaroo Joey relay race! This is a lot of fun for a more energetic crowd (child OR adult!) A joey (or baby kangaroo) rides in the front pouch of his mother. To recreate this into a relay race, visit your local thrift store and purchase the large pair of pants, large enough for ONE participant to fit inside ONE pant leg (yep, you heard me right.) There are pants large enough for most adults to do this as well, though may have to do a little hunting for a size large enough. The relay works like this. Two teams are split into pairs. When you say go, the first pair must each get into a pant leg of the SAME pair of pants and begin running towards the marker point you designate several yards away (you decide based on your party space how far they will run.) They MUST run in single file, NOT side by side. This will give the illusion that one person is in the pouch. For best results, make sure that the shorter person is in front. This is also a great relay to play where an adult is the participant in back and the child is in front!

Australian Outback Party Posters from 123Posters

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!