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Over the Hill Party Idea

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Create a Bucket List Tree. Take that old artificial Christmas tree out of the garage (or borrow one from a friend) and set it up at your party. Decorate it with garland and lights, but no ornaments. Now, as part of an activity for your party guests, have everyone write down their top 10 things on their own personal bucket list. Using twisted out paperclips, hang each of the lists on the Bucket List Tree for all to see. Guests will have a good time reviewing the different lists throughout their time at the party. To turn this activity into a game later on, make sure that no one puts their names on their list. Then, towards the end of the party (allowing enough time for the maximum amount of participation) read aloud each of the lists to the entire party crowd to see who can match up each list to each party guest!

If your guests would appreciate it, serve ‘aged’ cheese for your appetizers.

Interview the guest of honor, asking him/her for as many different significant events in their lives and the years in which they happened. The more obscure and interesting the event, the better. Create a party game worksheet, putting all of the events in random order on the paper, with spaces for your guests to write the year in which that event happened. To help your guests, consider offering a list of possible years to choose from.

To all those party guests that are older than the guest of honor, have them write down pieces of advice on getting old on 3 x 5 cards. These can be collected at the end of the party and either read aloud or simply handed to the guest of honor as a special gift.

This is a fun idea that is great for anyone turning 50. It’s a lot of work, but the payoff is HUGE!!! Get the addresses to 50 post offices in the US (each from a different state.) On 3 x 5 cards, create a different HAPPY BIRTHDAY sentiment from each state and mail them (pre-postaged) to each of the post offices with instructions to have that particular post office post mark the index card from that state. The overall effect is that the guest of honor, over the course of a couple of weeks (because different states take longer than others) they will be receiving 50 postcards from all over the United States, each state wishing them a happy birthday. I’ve personally done this a couple of times and each time the recipient was blown away and EXTREMELY encouraged!

For the more ‘spunky’ guest of honor, create a special calendar with each month a different glamour shot of an older celebrity. For example, if the guest of honor is a man you might consider such ‘centerfolds’ as Bea Arthur, Betty White and Phyllis Diller. This will be fun for all of the party guests to peruse through!

Have all of your guests come dressed in black. At the entrance to your party area, have a funeral book for all of your party guests to sign as they enter - encouraging the guests to write humorous or kind words. The funeral book can then be given to the birthday boy/girl after the party is over.

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