Pokemon Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Pokemon party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

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For participating in different games and activities that you have planned, give out individual Pokemon cards to the party guests. For winning particular games, offer a few extra cards to those guests.

Provide a giant sheet of cardboard (or half sheet you've precut before the party) for each guest to create their OWN Pokemon card. Have them draw the creature, name it, give it a number of HP and some special powers. This is a great activity to do early on in the party so that they can be hung up DURING the party, creating additional decorations during the fun! The children will also now have something special that they've created as a parting gift!

Kids love to take balloons home from parties. Ahead of time, attach a Pokemon card to each balloon. They look great and are easy parting gifts. Be sure to use black, white and red as colors for the party.

Name your food and drinks after Pokemon. Jigglypuff punch - if it's pink like Jigglypuff. Charizard chicken nuggets (he cooked them with his fire!) You can make a Pokeball cake with a circle cake pan, as well.

Catch Pokemon at the party. Print out images of Pokemon and cut them out and glue them to index cards or smaller squares of construction paper. Hide them around various areas of the party before guests arrive. At some point of the party, have guests search for Pokemon. To keep things fair, you may want to limit guests to 3 or 5 Pokemon each. Or, you can hide pairs of Pokemon and they have to find BOTH of a certain type to keep it.

If you have time before the party, buy some cheap beach balls from your local dollar store and cover them in paper mache. Once dried, paint them like Pokemon balls. The design is very simple. To speed up the process, if you plan on making a few, spray paint one side red, the other side white and putting black electrical tape down the middle to cover neatly where the two colors came together (spray painting isn't exact.) Because they are so light, they look great hanging from your ceiling. They are also good prizes or parting gifts.


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