Princess and the Frog Theme Party Supplies

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Princess and the Frog Party Ideas

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As music is such an essential element to the story and overall entertainment of the movie, you must include this aspect into your party. From your local library, reserve some music CD's on Dixieland jazz (if you can't get your hands on the soundtrack from the movie, that is.)

While you're at the library, peruse the non-fiction section for books on New Orleans, frogs or storybooks on the Princess and the Frog. These make for GREAT table decorations and centerpieces. Prop them up so that they beautifully designed covers can be seen behind the food. They are free and they look great!

If you have a television set available, have the movie playing in the background. If you aren't specifically having your guests watch the movie as part of the party, it is usually best to make sure that the sound is turned down. The visuals are great and work as 'decoration' for your party. If you leave the sound on, be prepared for several of your party guests to be visually distracted!

Find different images online for the different characters in the movie. Print out different images and cut them out individually. Create three different groups images in the way of your choice (for example you might choose People, Villains and Animals…arbitrary is ok.) Assign a different point value to each group (1, 2 and 3.) Now hide these images throughout the party area, the higher the point value for the image requires you to hide the image in a more difficult to find location. When you are ready to start the game, explain to the party guests that they must find the different characters and different characters are worth different point values. Once all of the characters are found (in an Easter egg hunt fashion) the winner is determined not by who found the most, but rather who has the most points!

Provide an opportunity for the party guests to engage in a cooking activity (as the main female character had dreams of opening up her own restaurant.) This could include anything from helping prepare the meal they'll be eating to decorating cookies.

For food selections (assuming you'll be providing lunch) include some New Orleans style food such as gumbo or red beans and rice. For those more adventurous, you can purchase alligator meat at many of the larger grocery stores. This can be fun to 'challenge' your guests to try a bite!

For an outdoor, New Orleans garden feel, dig out any white Christmas tree lights you might have packed away in your garage. These look GREAT for a real New Orleans feel!

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