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(The following ideas are an excerpt from The Ultimate Medieval Themed Event download - CLICK HERE for details for 200 Medieval theme party ideas!)

Medieval Party Ideas Book
Medieval Party Ideas

The Rose Treasure Hunt
The Rose Treasure Hunt

Quest for the Holy Grail Adventure
A Complete Adventure!!!

Princess Themed Treasure Hunts for Prereaders

Ivy looks nice (real or fake) scaling walls, wrapped around posts or columns or hanging over door jams. Depending on whether or not you are aiming for 'elegant' or 'fun' and cheap way to make ivy is to use dark green crocheting yarn and attach it to the surface you want the ivy (making sure that it is squiggly, going in several directions. Make sure you use offshoots of the strand as well to simulate the 'spider effect' of ivy. Finally, cut out TONS of leaves out of green (two different greens would be perfect) construction paper and attach them to the string in several places all along the 'vine.'

Know anyone with a pet frog? Put it out for all to see with a sign saying "Instant Prince. Price - One Kiss"

Shields can be made easily using sturdy cardboard (either from large boxes or sheets of cardboard found behind large warehouse stores such as Costco). Shields come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out some heraldry sites on the Internet and you'll see several to choose from. Once cut out, the easiest way to decorate them is to spray paint them a solid color first. Then, tempura or poster paints can be used to decorate the covers. Construction paper can be cut into shapes and glued on as well (this works better for those larger, solid shapes like stripes and checkered boxes.)

Use a long roll of solid red fabric (or wrapping paper if cost is an issue) to lay down at the entrance - a royal red carpet.

This is a handy trick to create a castle feel indoors when you are able to create stone walls. Either spray paint durable cardboard gray (preferable) or use gray construction paper and cut them into block sizes (about 5" x 10"). Attach these all along the borders of a door jam with electrician tape (won't stick to walls the way masking tape does - leaving behind a gummier residue.) They look great and will greatly minimize your decorating (perfect for low budgets and little time.)



Medieval Themed Bingo Set

Castle Fairytale Paper