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Rain Forest Party Ideas
(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Jungle Themed Event)

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Visit your local public library and check out different books on rain forests. These look great as part of table centerpieces or as general decorations placed throughout your party area. They can either be laying flat or they can also be propped up in a half open fashion (remember to visit both the children's AND adult's section of the library.)

Having a difficult time creating a 'rain forest feel' because you don't have any plants in the house? At your local discount fabric store you can find fun rain forest or animal prints. Find a pattern with dense, jungle leaves and decorate the entrance to your party with it (both sides of the entranceway.) Some green streamers draped densely from above the door could cover the overhead area, your fabric creates the jungle "sides." Use green light bulbs in the area and shine them on the plants, streamers or fabric to add to the foliage feel.

Create a waterfall entrance to your event. Hang different shades of blue streamers from the top of a staircase, over a doorway, or from the top of a doorframe. Use a few white streamers to add a "rushing water" feel to the flow. You can drape some streamers alongside the fall in "wave" shapes along the walls (if you are inside). Hang some vines atop the waterfall to hide where you've attached the streamers. Find a sound effects CD or "water music" CD at the library and you can play it continuously as well.

For a great looking lost ruins temple entrance, stack up plain cardboard boxes on both sides of the doorway. If the ceiling is high enough, create a pediment above the two pillars, stretching across the top of the door jam. Use the stone painting technique as described in idea 12 below. For the final touch, attach some fines to the pillars and the pediment for a real 'overgrown' lost city feel!

Adventure map decorations! Visit your local library's reference section and photocopy old maps. You can go to a local print shop/copy center to have blown up to any size you want (3' x 4' feet.) When they are blown up that large, they get very grainy, giving them a great rugged look. If you can print them on parchment or tan colored paper, they'll feel older. Print a few maps in different sizes and you can use them on the table for a centerpiece, or as place mats, or hang them on the walls. Now roll them up, fold them, tear them a little bit, crush them up in a ball and straighten them out again - to "age" the maps - or hang them straight on the walls around the party and you've got some interesting decorations.

If you or anyone you know has old, rotted wood lying around the yard, they make EXCELLENT driftwood signs. Get some black acrylic or poster paint and write, rather slapdash, "The Party" or "In Here"…"Privy this way" (bathrooms) or even "beware Eddie the alligator."
Visit your local library and check out some animal books and arrange them with the books standing up, half open as centerpieces or displays on small tables, mantels or shelves around the room.


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