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Planning a Roaring 20's theme party and want to make it special without breaking your budget? Getting discouraged seeing the same three ideas posted on other websites? LOOK NO FURTHER! This incredible e-book has compiled OVER 100 unique and creative ideas to make your Roaring 20's themed party or event FANTASTIC! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional treasure hunt event designer with over 15 years experience in designing themed parties and events!

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THREE PARTY GAME WORKSHEETS! - At the end we've also added three party game sheets for filler activities ready to be printed and handed out to your guests!

Party idea listed on other websites (they are often vague and usually incomplete):

"Play a stock market game"

OUR idea listed in the Ultimate Roaring 20's Theme Party:

"We all know of the horrible stock market crash at the end of the 20's decade. Well, why don't you see if your guests have better luck than those investors nearly a century ago. At the beginning of the party, provide every guest with a sheet of stocks you've created (for best results, use guests' names and made up companies) along with a starting value (make the values whole numbers to make the math easier. Each guest is to write down HOW MANY of each share that they want to buy (making sure that everyone has the same dollar amount to spend.) Now, this is where the fun begins…throughout the evening (or you can just wait until the end to announce the closing day's numbers) call out new values for the stocks you have listed. At the end of the evening, whoever is 'worth the most' wins!"

With tons more unique ideas, you'll be sure to throw the Roaring 20's party of the century!

This comprehensive e-book is all meat & no fluff or fillers. Pages and pages of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative ideas! THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else!

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It would take hours to find not nearly half the ideas listed in this e-book! How much is your time worth? You could be reading this incredible resource right now...just click the link below!



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Great for decorations as well as prizes - allow your guests to take them home after the party!