San Diego Chargers Theme Party Supplies

Planning a San Diego Chargers party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

San Diego Chargers Party Ideas

If you have a large cement driveway or patio space that you will be using for your San Diego Chargers party, consider taking sidewalk chalk and drawing the yard lines of a standard football field. Of course, you won’t get all of the yard markers in the space, however at least getting in the 50 yard line or even the end zone can be fun!

For fun invitations, consider buying a stack of empty popcorn bags! You can either write all of the information directly onto the bags (opting to or not fill the bags with popcorn before hand delivering them) or putting the information on a card and placing them INSIDE the bag of popcorn (again, you choosing whether or not to fill the bag with popcorn.) This will definitely set a fun tone for your guests before your San Diego Charger party even begins!

San Diego Chargers game posters make for great decorations AND they can even double as prizes for any games that you have planned for your party. Hang the posters in very visible spots throughout your party area. Each time someone wins one of your games, allow them to choose from one of the posters on the wall that hasn’t already been chosen by a previous winner. Typically, you need to throw away the decorations at the end of a party…not this time! Your guests will be able to happily take them home with them! See below for a resource for getting your hands on some San Diego Chargers posters.

Cut out lighting bolts from foam core or cardboard and paint them gold. These are easy and inexpensive, so make as many of them as you want. These are great for hanging just about anywhere (on the walls, from the ceiling, etc.)

Play a few rounds of football themed Bingo. This is a great activity to play while watching the game during commercial time or every time someone scores during the game. You can either create your own boards or download some HERE.

If you have a larger number of guests expected to come, arrange for a San Diego Chargers cheer competition, breaking up the guests into smaller, manageable groups. Each group will have to come up with their own creative cheer for the San Diego Chargers. It’s a good idea to explain the minimum and maximum number of words allowed in the cheer to keep things even for all of the groups. Give extra points for enthusiasm when performing their cheer!

Visit your local dollar store and pick up some mini footballs. These make for great party invitations! Hand write the party information directly on the football and pass them out to your guests!

Have some San Diego Chargers jerseys that you won’t be wearing? These make for great party decorations! Hang them up on the wall in a design as though someone were wearing them (the jersey on top with a pair of jeans right below them!)

When purchasing team print napkins and plates, pick up an extra package of each and use them for decoration! They can be some of the least expensive and festive decorations you can use for your party. Napkins that are unfolded can be hung up, place inside clear bowls for centerpieces and taped up just about anywhere. The plates can be hung from the ceiling and the walls. It’s a simple idea, but a great way to add volume to your decorating without breaking the budget (see below for team print napkins and plate options.)



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