Sea Life Theme Party Supplies

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Sea Life Party Ideas


  • Live fishbowls make great centerpieces and can be great parting gifts - if you check with parents first. What better way to show sea life than to have sea life? Buy more than you need, in case some fish die during transport or before the party. You can get small fish bowls at dollar stores and small goldfish are generally inexpensive at a pet shop. Consider providing fish food with them. You could also allow your guests to catch their own fish by picking them out of a kiddie swimming pool.

  • Use rolls of blue table covers to cover the walls and give an "under the sea" feel to the sea life party area. Hang green crepe paper streamers in bunches, of different lengths, from the ceiling and it will feel like you are under seaweed.

  • Bubbles! If you are under the sea, you need bubbles for the guests at your sea life party. You can use a bubble machine - if you are fortunate enough to have one - or just give your guests bottles of bubbles! If you are outdoors, consider using large bowls or buckets of soapy water so the guests have easy access to lots of bubble making liquid.

  • If you want to create a neat bubble effect with helium balloons, tie them to thread approximately a balloon and a half length apart from each other (closer, if you desire). Depending on the height you are going for will determine how many balloons you will tie to each thread. Weight one end of the thread down with something heavy. The balloons floating up will look like bubbles (providing you use light blues and whites.) Experiment with different sizes of balloons, heights of strings and numbers of balloons on a string to achieve the look you want in the area that you are working with.

  • Put blue food coloring in a clear soda for an sea life party beverage. Or use blue drink mixes.

  • Play various fishing games at your sea life party - cut out cardboard fish and tape paperclips to the backs. Now use a stick and a piece of string or thread with a magnet at the end as a fishing pole. You can put the fish in an empty baby pool, or behind a curtain. Perhaps they find a fish and a prize is listed on the back of the fish - "piece of fruit" or "boucing ball".

  • Play sharks and minnows. Tell the kids they are a school of fish. One child is the shark in the center of the playing area. At your call, the 'fish' all need to 'swim' from one side of the area to the other side. If they are tagged by the shark then they must be a shark too. Now the fish that are left have to cross the area again with more sharks! The winner(s) are the fish still left after everyone else has become a shark.

  • Deserts can be anything fishy - Your guests are part of the sea life food chain now! Make fish shaped cookies using cookie cutters. Or put gummy fish on top of blue-frosted cupcakes. Use plastic toy fish or plants to decorate the top of a larger cake.












Hand Antiqued Shell Paper


Tropical Posters! - Great party decorations!
Posters make great parting gifts for your guests and prizes for your games - they can take them right off the walls!