Sesame Street Theme Party Supplies

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Sesame Street Party Ideas

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Borrow a few DVD players and TVs and play a few different episodes of the Sesame Street TV show (or any number of videos they product) at different places in your party area (check your local library before you start renting them.) The volume doesn't need to be turned up on them - they make great decoration as the scenes change! These make great prizes for the end of the party, too (assuming they aren't library copies you've used)

Print a bunch of copies of the character of your choice from Sesame Street and hide them throughout the party area. Beforehand, though, write a different number (or character from the story, depending on how many you plan on hiding.) Allow your guests the opportunity to search for them during the party as either a casual activity or structured game. At the end of the party, have a raffle for a prize using either the numbers or the characters that you wrote on the images. In this way, even those who only found one cat will still have a chance to win the prize.

Plan a Sesame Street Carnival! Have each game be a based on a different Sesame Street character.

In honor of Cookie Monster, have the party guests help bake cookies. If the guests are too young for baking, then let them decorate cookies that you've already baked.

Provide the children with different Sesame Street puppets/stuffed animals and have them entertain the group by putting on their own puppet shows. Provide a handful of different Sesame Street books (visit your local library) for the children to use as reference for different play/story ideas.

Have a trashcan handy in the middle of the party area (or at least plainly visible for all to see) and hang a cardboard sign on it saying "Oscar the Grouch." Encourage your party guests that it would make Oscar very happy if we kept his home full of stinky, yucky trash (encouraging them to throw their trash away as the party progresses to reduce clean up after the party is over!)





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