Sherlock Holmes Mystery Theme Party Supplies

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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Party Ideas

See how many different tv sets you can borrow and set them up in different areas of your party location. From your local library, reserve different Sherlock Holmes movies and play a different one on each movie set. Make sure that the sound is turned off as these are only going to be used as decoration – and what GREAT decoration they will be!!!

For those that are not familiar with the artistic style of Steampunk, it would be worth checking out a few websites online. The mixture of nineteenth century technology and science with the traditional Sherlock Holmes seems to be close to the what the most recent movies were going for with Robert Downey, Jr. It will give you a lot of ideas how the overall look of the movies in a variety of formats.

Sherlock Holmes is all about logic. Have some fun with your invitations by including a short and simple logic puzzle in your invitation. Find a book of logic puzzles from your local library and copy one of the simpler ones (using one of the problems in the beginning of the book) and change the details to focus on Sherlock Holmes and his adventures!

Several different actors have played Sherlock Holmes over the years. Lists of them of them been published online. Make a game sheet of all of their names along with some actors that HAVE NOT played Sherlock Holmes. As a fun game, pass out the game sheets to your party guests and have them circle their guesses as to which actors played Sherlock Holmes and which ones didn’t.

Murder mystery games are a lot of fun to go on, but can be very involved to set up. Here’s a much simpler version that can be done with minimal set up (compared to the large set up of the boxed games, etc.) Think of the classic game of Clue as the format – the game uses basic logic, Sherlock Holmes’ favorite aspect. Come up with several suspects names that you can pass out to your party guests, along with a short description about the actual crime that took place (i.e. who was killed,etc.). Explain to them that their job is to figure out who the murderer is before the party is over (unless, of course, you’ve opted to keep the game to a specified time limit.) Throughout the party hide individual slips of paper that will eliminate different suspects on their sheets in one of two ways: Either they will not have had the opportunity or the motive. Do disqualify a suspect based on motive, consider phrases like “Charles was the victim’s best friend and would never have harmed him”, etc. For opportunity, consider phrases like “Lady Eileen was in Africa at the time of the murder.” Just make sure that you have one slip of paper that eliminates a suspect for every suspect on your list EXCEPT one. This last person will be your murderer. This is a great game to play because the more clues they find hidden throughout the party area, the greater chance they’ll have to guess the murder. In this way, you don’t have to find every clue in order to at least make an educated guess! (Allowing for those less skilled at finding clues to at least participate and guess the murderer!)

Sherlock Holmes posters make for great decorations AND great prizes for any games that you have planned! As each game is played, allow the winner of the game to choose a poster to take home that you have hanging up! No more throwing away of the party decorations! (See below for some cool Sherlock Holmes posters)












Antiqued First Page of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes on Antiqued Paper

Antiqued First Page of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes