Shrek Theme Party Supplies

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Shrek Party Idea

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For some quick and inexpensive decorations, consider purchasing an extra package of Shrek theme napkins. When fully unfolded, these make for great, versatile party decorations that you can use in a myriad of different ways. Have fun experimenting! For a fun way to fill a large, blank wall, put up the Shrek themed napkins in a checkerboard fashion, alternating in between standard green napkins (making sure they are the same size) It is a GREAT way to fill a wall with a colorful Shrek theme!

If you have access to some dirt at the entrance to your party, take the time to add some water to it to make some soupy mud. Using some old pieces of wood and some black paint (or a black Sharpie marker) make a sign that says “Shrek’s Swamp” so that your guests will feel like they are entering Shrek’s home when they arrive at your party location.

Shrek brings to life all of the fables and fairy tales that we all grew up with. Visit your local library and pick up as many different fable and fairy tales picture books as you can and place them throughout your party area, propped up for a nice display. These make for great table centerpieces or table top displays.

Before your guests arrive, write a different character from the Shrek movies on nametags. As your guests arrive, give one nametag to each guest explaining that not only is that going to be their name for the duration of the party, but they are also responsible for remembering all of the other party guests’ new character names. For added fun, you can have everyone remove their nametags for a final game to see if everyone can remember which party guest was matched to which Shrek movie character.

Have a Gingerbread decorating activity! This is a great activity all on its own, but the fact that it fits so nicely in with the Shrek theme is perfect! This is also great because you’ve set yourself up for either a fun snack for the party goers or a nice take home party gift for when they leave.

The music from the movies are nearly as popular as the movies themselves. See if you can check out any of the soundtracks from your local library and play the music throughout your party – the guests will definitely connect with the music and will probably find themselves singing along!

Shrek posters make for great decorations AND great prizes for any games that you have planned! As each game is played, allow the winner of the game to choose a poster to take home that you have hanging up! No more throwing away of the party decorations! (See below for some cool Shrek posters)

Shrek Party Posters from 123 Posters

Shrek 3 Poster

Shrek 3 Puss In Boots Poster

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