Tony Hawk Skateboarding Theme Party Supplies

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Tony Hawk Skateboarding Party Ideas

1. Set up an obstacle course with cones and tape on the pavement. If you only have enough room for one course, then time each participant - giving time penalties for certain obstacle failures (i.e. knocking over cones, etc.) If you have the room, though, it is much more exciting to watch two participants go head to head!

2. Hold a skateboarding stunt competition. Allow the participants some time think up what they want to do and to practice a little. Award prices to Best Overall and Most Original (something that no one's ever seen before.) Have score cards handy to hold up after each stunt like they would in the Olympics. Depending on the skill level of the participants, you may want to offer a 'three tries' rule to get the trick right, keeping their highest score.

3. A quick party filler is to ask each guest to come up with as many words as they can from the letters TONY HAWK or SKATEBOARDING. Award 3 letter words 1 point, 4 letter words 2 points, etc.

4. Allow each party guest to design their own skateboard. You can either hand out blank pieces of paper or start them all out with an outline of skateboard. Provide markers, etc for them to express their creativity. Allow the participants to judge…making sure that they CAN'T vote for their own.

5. Organize a relay race where one person must sit cross-legged on the skateboard while the other person pushes them a certain distance or through a course. Once they reach the end, the two participants must switch roles for the return trip through the course.

6. Have a 'Delivery Boy' race. Set up certain cans and boxes all throughout a large area (parking lot, etc.) Provide each participant with a certain number of pieces of paper with their names on them. Give them one minute to 'deliver' as much 'mail' (their small pieces of paper with their names) as they can in the boxes and cans that you've set up. Put some of the cans/boxes closer together for others to provide some opportunities for strategy.

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